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Evacuated Lincoln-Douglas residents share experience of Friday night's fire


Dozens of residents of the neighboring Lincoln-Douglas Apartments returned home Saturday morning after they were forced to evacuate Friday night because of the fire at the Newcomb Hotel.

Don Powell was laying in his bed when he says he got a phone called from his sister around 10:30 Friday night.

"She said you better get your fanny out of that bed. Across the street is on fire," said Powell.

Then, Powell says he was surprised when he walked into his living room.

"This room was full of smoke and I said boy it wasn't that way when I went to bed," said Powell.

Mona Smith also lives in the building and says she came down here to check out what was going on across the street.

"The smoke was real thick and a lot of people were down here from the apartment house," said Smith.

Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning says the magnitude of the fire made fighting it challenging.

"Additional crews came in from the south and saw that we had heavy fire visible and at that point we decided to pull the crews out because of department policy and went to a defensive fight," said Henning.

Smith says she went back upstairs until she was told everyone had to evacuate.

"I didn't think we were in any danger of the fire, but the smoke was getting bad," said Smith.

All of the residents did get out safely.

For Smith, she says she always loved the Newcomb Hotel and hopes it reemerges as something again someday.

"It was a beautiful building," said Smith.


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