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Construction crews brave the heat


Many people took shelter in the air conditioning Tuesday, but for some people there's simply no way to avoid the heat.

Construction workers are just some of the people who's jobs forced them to be out in the elements.

Officials with J&N Construction say extreme heat makes their job even more dangerous as some of the surfaces they work on can get so hot, it can actually burn workers.

"We're getting ready to sheet this floor this afternoon, the temperature on that sub-floor is probably 15 degrees warmer on the sub-floor than it is standing out here on the dirt and the grass. The sun just reflects it like tinfoil right in your face," said Jacob Allensworth, the owner of J&N Construction.

Jacob Allensworth says he closely monitors his crews during their 10 hour shifts to make sure they're getting enough water, and he says they've started work even earlier this week to avoid the heat.

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