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After much anticipation, Sprout's Inn is back open


Sprout's Inn, the iconic Quincy restaurant that burned to the ground last summer, re-opened Tuesday. It comes with a new look that includes a bigger dining room and more parking.

"It's family tradition. I've seen kids that are adults now and their kids are working here bussing tables. Grandkids are bussing tables. It's just a family place." said customer Nancy Tucker.

The same holds true for Randy Fierge who says he came as soon as he heard it was back open for business.

"A friend of mine called me who was here about 11:30 and said 'You better get out here they're open,'" said Fierge. "So, we rushed right out."

Table after table of anxious customers continued to file in, with both familiar faces and new ones.

"It was really good to see everybody. It just made my heart race just seeing everybody," said Owner Jenny Wiemelt.

Wiemelt says the majority of her staff are returning employees, including Randi Schwartz.

"I actually don't feel like I left," said Schwartz.

Schwartz has been an employee with Sprout's Inn for 20 years and says it's great to be back into the swing of things.

"I've already had 4 regulars," said Schwartz. "I wanted to cry at first but, very happy."

But, it seems people are most happy to get their traditional home-cooked food that's made Sprout's Inn a favorite for that last 70 years.

"We got our pie, our roast beef, and you couldn't ask for anything better," said Schwartz.

The hours are the same as before:

Monday-Thursday: 6:30am - 10:00pm

Friday and Saturday: 6:30am - 11:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am - 10:00pm

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