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Locals react to President Obama's address


People here in the Tri-States had pretty much made up their minds about what the U.S. should do with Syria even before the President spoke Tuesday night.


A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows nearly 60% of American's are opposed to U.S. involvement in Syria and after speaking with people locally, that number seems a bit low. 

The consensus was clear Tuesday night at Quincy's YMCA.  Even President Obama's speech couldn't sway Patty Littleton's opinion, who has a daughter in the National Guard. 


"I don't have any confidence and this administration. He does not have a strict objective and I don't think he has a good military plan," she said.  

While others like Rick Calvin say the US needs to be wary of other countries getting in the mix of the conflict.

"Well I think anytime we know Russia is an ally of Syria and I think anytime you're dealing with a country that big that you should give it some serious thought. So in my opinion, not at this time," Calvin said.  

Andrew Attebery is in the Armed Forces and while he can see both sides, he would like to see a stronger country before going into Syria.  

"We have so much stuff to deal with right now that we should worry about that before we get into anything else. You know help our nation out first," he said.  


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