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Number of teens using e-cigarettes doubles since 2012


Some alarming new numbers show more teenagers are using e-cigarettes.

According to the CDC, one in ten high school students have tried e-cigarettes.

That's double the amount from the previous year.

Local health experts say tobacco companies are targeting the younger generation with flavors like vanilla and cherry, and say the increased numbers are an alarming trend.

"Nicotine alone can cause vasoconstriction, which is the tightening of the vessels, which in patients who are pre-disposed to it can have strokes and other major problems, so this is not a drug that should be tossed around lightly," said Dr. Taylor Moore with Quincy Medical Group's Family Medicine Department.

Not only does Dr. Moore say e-cigarettes are dangerous for your health, he fears teens could use them as a gateway to other tobacco products.

"Once people are hooked on it, we have millions of people in the united states who can attest that's it's very difficult to get off of that, and it may very well lead to usage of other regular cigarettes as well," said Moore.

But Moore says what makes the upward trend so worrisome is that the FDA hasn't really regulated e-cigarettes or disclosed how 'safe' or 'unsafe' they really are.

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