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Police take man in custody during hostage situation near Quincy


A woman has been rescued and a man is behind bars after a hostage situation Friday morning at Quincy's Lock and Dam 21.

The FBI has been tracking a kidnapping out of Minnesota and police say the man they arrested Friday is responsible.

Adams County Sheriff's officials swarmed Quincy's Lock and Dam 21 with assault rifles pulled.

Witnesses nearby say they were caught off guard.

"A whole bunch of unmarked police cars came screaming in. People coming out dressed in military gear," said Bobby Stubbs.

The target was an accused kidnapper holding a woman hostage for days, traveling down the Mississippi River in a boat.

"Obviously, you're kind of on edge. You're very alert to what's going on so there was a lot of moving going on, but everybody I felt acted very direct," said Sheriff Brent Fischer. 

Authorities moved in dragging the man from the lock and cuffing him on the ground at gunpoint.

"I think he understood that he wasn't going anywhere being he was locked in there and then once we came on scene so yeah it was kind of intense for a short period of time," said Fischer.

There's no word yet on the exact age of the woman, but officials say she did receive medical treatment.

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