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Shutdown could affect farm market prices


The effect of the government shutdown on farmers could be felt almost immediately.

The monthly crop report issued by the government may not be released, which happens at a time when many farmers are harvesting and attempting to sell their grain. Shawn Valter with the Adams County Farm Bureau says he's not sure if that would cause market prices to go up or down, but that the crop report is something many keep a close eye on.

"That could have some pretty big implications on the markets because that's what they use as an indicator as to how big the crop is when the crop report comes out."

Valter says a missing crop report could have international implications, as many companies in foreign countries study the information closely, in order to make future business decisions.

He also says the shutdown couldn't come at a worse time for farmers, right around the harvest.  Locally, he says the corn crop is strong--but without a farm report, the traders have no firm evidence to back that up. He says that could cause the prices to fluctuate, either up or down.

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