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Learning how to escape a house fire


House fires can leave many people disoriented--that's why the Quincy Fire Department wants all kids to have a plan.

Firefighters took what's called the "Stay Alive House" to area elementary schools today, to run kids through a real-life scenario. The trailer fills with simulated smoke, and children learn the safest way to escape a house fire. Firefighters say one of their most important jobs is to visit with every child more than once.

"With the third grade we want to introduce them to it," said Jerry Smith with the Quincy Fire Department.  "We want to come back in the fifth grade so we see what they retained. We see if there's anything else that we really need to hit upon, and the points we need to stress in the third grade if we need to."

Firefighters say it's important to have two escape routes and a family meeting place, like a mailbox.

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