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Advocates of Jennifer's law say Hannibal murder could've been stopped


BOWLING GREEN, Mo. (WGEM) -- Tuesday's tragedy is eerily similar to a gas station murder in Bowling Green nearly 18 years ago.  Some say, what happened in Hannibal could've been prevented years ago.

Jennifer's law states what convenience stores have to do to keep workers safe in Missouri. Originally, the proposal asked for several security measures but some were left on the cutting room floor. It's something Jennifer's family and former co-workers say needs to be revisited. 

"There is another person dead," Audrey Jones said. "A daughter lost her mom and a husband lost his wife."

Jones said hearing about the murder in Hannibal brings back painful memories from nearly 18 years ago when her co-worker and friend, Jennifer Pribble, was shot and killed during a robbery at Abel's Quick Shop in Bowling Green. Like Adrienne Arnette, Pribble was working the overnight shift alone.
"It's just like a shotgun in the gut," Jones said. "You know here we go again." 
After Pribble died in 1996, Jones and many others went to Jefferson City to help write "Jennifer's Law," a bill designed to protect convenience store employees on night shifts. The first draft asked for not only security cameras on the cash registers and a silent alarm system or easily accessible phone, but also that two employees work overnight.  
In the end, lawmakers dropped that portion of the bill.  Jones was never satisfied with the final version and hopes this latest tragedy will bring new changes to Jennifer's Law.

"It's up to the legislatures because there the ones that watered it down in the first place," Jones said. "And I think they need to step up to the plate and save the people who voted them in."
Jennifer's sister Teresa Cannon says what happened in Hannibal brings back tragic memories for her family.  And to this day, she believes having two people in the store could have saved her sister's life and Arnette's life Tuesday in Hannibal.
"From my experience, in court, the man who murdered my sister, he said under oath, 'the reason I went in the first place is because I knew she was alone.'" Teresa said.

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