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Arraignment dates set for Hannibal murder suspects

Studer (left) and Wiltermood (right) Studer (left) and Wiltermood (right)
Witness Krystal Tressler Witness Krystal Tressler
Suspects leave in the custody of Marion County Suspects leave in the custody of Marion County
Friends and family gather after the hearing Friends and family gather after the hearing
Arnett's daughter  stands outside after hearing Arnett's daughter stands outside after hearing

Two Hannibal men accused of murdering a gas station clerk earlier this month appeared in court on Monday morning.

22-year-old Gary Wiltermood waived his preliminary hearing and will appear next for arraignment on November 18 at 9:30 a.m.
The other suspect, 30-year-old Michael Studer, went through a preliminary hearing and will face arraignment on November 4 at 9 a.m.

Both men are charged with second degree murder for the shooting death of 61-year-old Adrienne Arnett on October 8 at Abel's Quik Shop on Shinn Lane in Hannibal.
During Studer's preliminary hearing, four witnesses testified, including two members of the Hannibal Police Department, Wiltermood's girlfriend Krystal Tressler, and Marion County Coroner Darrell McCoy.

During her testimony, Tressler told the court she did not think anyone was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

"When I seen (Studer), he came across from the grassy area and walked around the station and went into the gas station. Arnett was in front of the counter like she'd been stocking chips. Gary was inside but looked like he was about to come out. He sat his $10 on the counter and was coming back out. I didn't hear anything but I could only see Mikey's back. It looked like he was waving his hands and jumping around, but I didn't physically hear anything," Tressler said. 

"(Wiltermood) was about to come out when Mikey went in and (Wiltermood) froze. He went white like he saw a ghost. Like if you take a time machine and freeze people."

Tressler said Studer fired one shot before Wiltermood came outside, but she said there were three shots. She said the group drove away without Studer and picked him up on an outer road.

"There was a lot of commotion in the car. (Wiltermood) stopped two or three car-lengths on the outer road and that's when Mikey got in the vehicle," Tressler said.

"We went to the river; the second entrance by the theater. We turned left all the way down where we couldn't go any more. Where the big riverboats dock. Mike got out and threw the clothes into the water. Camo hat, gloves, and coat and I'm assuming the gun. I'm saying this 'cause he wasn't wearing them."

Hannibal police said they recovered a pair of gloves and a mask of some sort from the Mississippi River.

On the stand, one Hannibal police detective said Studer told him, "Cowboy made me do it."

"Was 'Cowboy' Gary Wiltermood?" asked Prosecuting Attorney Tom Reddington.

"I learned that later," the detective said.  "(Studer) said he was threatened the day before."

"He admitted that he shot her. but he said he'd never held a gun in his life," the detective added.

Public Defender Jennifer Richardson, who represents Studer, questioned the detective about his training and how he handled the case.
After the hearing, both suspects were taken out in chains and handcuffs and taken back to Marion County Jail.


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