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Tri-State casino linked to debit card security breach

LA GRANGE, Mo. (WGEM) - Information released Thursday by the Quincy Police Department shows an ongoing investigation into debit card fraud connects the breach to one specific Tri-State business.

WGEM News obtained multiple police reports through a Freedom of Information Act request. According to the reports, multiple victims told police they used their debit cards at the Mark Twain Casino in La Grange, Mo. The victims said they noticed fraudulent charges to their accounts after visiting the casino.

Mark Twain Casino's sister gaming location boats in St. Joseph, Missouri and Osceoloa, Iowa also experienced fraudulent charges on their customers' debit cards, according to police reports.

The Highway Patrol found Affinity, the parent company of the three boats, recently had a breach at its processing center. The company that processes its debit cards is Elavon Corporation. The report shows all three boats send their debit card transactions through Elavon as instructed by their parent company, Affinity. This is where police say the security breach occurred and where the numbers were compromised.

Four Quincy banks reported losses totaling more than $11,000, according to the reports released to WGEM News.

The thieves made several purchases ranging from $15.45 at a Maryland McDonald's to $233 for cable service, electronics and QVC purchases. Many of the purchases made were on the east coast, but some are spread around the United States and Mexico. One Quincy woman reported more than $800 in purchases showing up on her account to BJ Wholesale in Maryland. Police said the purchases happened in late October.  

Another Quincy man James Steeples said he found out his number was stolen after fraud alert called him asking if he made any purchases in Maryland. While Steeples was able to get the majority of his money back, he knows of many others who have also had their identity stolen.  He said it's becoming a major problem.  

"It's like drugs or stuff.  It seems like it's an epidemic with hackers getting in there, getting into identity theft, and stealing your card and all that stuff. It's an epidemic," he said.
Affinity Game released a statement to WGEM News. You can read its response to the investigation in full below:

"Affinity Gaming recently became aware of an intrusion into the system that processes customer credit and debit cards for our casinos, and a thorough investigation is under way by third-party data forensics experts. We also have notified law enforcement and gaming regulatory officials, and are cooperating in investigating the matter. Although our forensics investigation is ongoing, outside experts have confirmed that our system has been fully secured and our customers’ payments are protected.  Once the investigation is concluded, we will provide more information."

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