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Liberty High School students head to Washington, Illinois for relief efforts


As victims of last weekend's devastating tornadoes in Illinois continue to pick up the pieces of their lives, there's been in outpouring of support from all over including at Liberty High School.

"It was very upsetting and sad," Olivia Hanzel said.

"If my house was gone, all the things I had, I would be devastated," James Vogel.

That prompted over a dozen kids to take action.

"I knew right away I had to go," Briana Essington said.

Guidance counselor Justin Adams organized a trip to take 17 kids to Washington, Illinois Sunday night to help victims pick up the pieces of their lives.

Adams said he helped out last summer down in Moore, Oklahoma after tornadoes flattened the area, and he wanted his students to experience something of that magnitude.

"It kind of changes your life to go out there and just to see people's lives spread out and just to be able to help," Adams said.  "It's just a great opportunity."

The group is teaming up with Samaritan's Purse, a disaster relief ministry, to assist families who have lost everything.

They will spend all day Monday helping out and then come back and share their experiences with the other students.

"I hope to just let the students know what I saw and how it's made a difference in my life and maybe they can make a difference in their life in the long run," Essington said.

"I'm looking forward to when I come back to be able to share my experience with other students to probably get them excited about doing more in the future," Hanzel said.

Vogel said he's been on mission trips before, but said this time it will be different.
"I've never been helping with something this big, this drastic," Vogel said.

Adams said it wasn't just a small effort. Teachers, students and members of the community donated money to help finance the trip. The students are also raising money to send to the victims.


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