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Blood donors needed during holiday season

GOLDEN, Ill. (WGEM) - With the holiday season upon us, everyone is busy with shopping and parties, but the American Red Cross urges you to take the time to donate blood.

Red Cross officials say they see a decline in blood donation during the holiday season and one reason for that is because of an increase in accidents. Officials say right now all blood types are needed. Some donors say they donate to help others in the community who might need the blood.

"I just like to do something that helps the community," Charles Shrader said. "If you can do something to help. My mother always did. She did it until she was up in her 80's and we can't do a lot of things. So if you can help somebody it's worth something."

"There's a large percentage of the population that can't give and of the percentage that can give a lot don't," Karen Loeschen said. "So it's something I can do."

Shrader said he doesn't have any problems donating and he thinks everyone should at least try to donate once if they can.

Organizer Jeanette Futhey said that is why they hope you don't forget to donate.

"When they forget us and don't give blood, then the hospitals get shorted," Futhey said. "And when the hospitals get shorted, if you need blood, it has to be there."

Futhey said if the hospitals run out they would have to borrow blood from another hospital or get blood from the blood bank in Peoria. She said either way the wait could be longer and put the patient needing the blood at risk of a shortage.

If you want to donate or to find more information about donating just go to
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