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Valuables left in dorm rooms target for theft

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Look in a dorm room and you may find laptops, televisions, and gaming consoles, but should students leave that over an extended break?

Security at Quincy University say that their staff will be on full alert even during the upcoming winter break. They say there is at least one officer on duty every minute of the day to make sure all measures are under control. Sam Lathrop, Director of Safety and Security at QU, says that students should take what is necessary.

"The students should take with them those items they would normally not want to leave for any extended period of time and that they will probably have use for when they are at home: computers, cell phones, and other electronics that they might have," Lathrop said.

They said they encourage students to take the items of value, but many students heading home for the first time may not know if their belongings will be safe. One student said on his first time home, he was unsure of what to take.

"My first time going home over break I took everything," Cory Smith, a junior at QU, said. "The only things I left were my microwave and my refrigerator. I took all my clothes. I took my pillows, my towels. I just thought that I needed to take everything. I didn't know I could leave things behind. I actually didn't trust it."

Smith says from growing up in Chicago it made him uncomfortable to leave his items somewhere he wasn't going to be. He says since that time he has realized his items will be in good hands at campus.

Lathrop said at QU, they also add another measure of security just to be sure of the safety of student's belongings.

"During the Christmas break, we will change the dorm entry point locks out for the break," Lathrop said. "The keys that students have to gain access to dorms right now won't work for them during the Christmas break. It will actually require different keys and then when they return for the spring semester, those locks will be changed back."

And extra safety measures like this is why students, like Cory Smith, feel safe leaving their belongings.

"Now, I leave everything, because I know now I'm on a safe campus. This is a small community so we all stick together and we help one another. Now I just take a couple of pairs of clothes and I'm gone."

QU security said that the campus has a low incident rate meaning there have been very few reports of thefts, but if one occurs they are ready to help.

If an item is stolen, security said they have a close working relationship with the Quincy Police Department. They said if something of value is stolen, they will turn the investigation over to the Quincy Police Department and try to get the matter solved.
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