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Unemployment sits at 15.9% for young adults


QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM)  --  Finding a job in this economy is tough.  It's even tougher for recent college graduates.

A recent jobs report shows nearly 16% are unemployed.  And with December graduations right around the corner, some local students are worried about finding work in their field.

Rob Cane is a senior at Quincy University.  The marketing major graduates next week and is searching for a job.  But a recent report shows 15.9% of 18-29 year olds are out of work. 

Cane says, "As any student would be, I'm a bit anxious."

Quincy University career officials say if you haven't started the job hunt yet, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Kristen Liesen is the director for QU Career Services.  She says, "If you're graduating in December you should have started in July.  Get that resume perfect and you need to be networking."

Cane feels he's on the right track.  He started sending his resume out five months ago and is already on his third internship.  

"I think it's really important not to limit yourself to the first thing that you think you might want to do.  The internships that I've had have shaped me in a general direction.  Actually,  being able to work in the environment that you choose is a lot different than studying it," Cane said.

Liesen says it's key to use what resources your school has to offer when it comes to finding a job after graduation.  

"Make connections with your faculty members.  Get letters of recommendations early and visit the career center.  A lot of times students will come in and say I don't know if you can help me with this and they leave having a lead," Liesen said.

And with more than 1.8 million young adults out of work, you can bet the competition is stiff for the jobs that are available.  Cane says take advantage of the interviews you are able to land, because even if you don't get the job, he says it's a great way to improve your interviewing skills.

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