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Cold weather affects firefighting at trailer fire

NIOTA, Ill. (WGEM) - One person was taken to the hospital after a mobile home fire in Hancock County.

The victim's name and condition are unknown at this time.

La Harpe Fire Chief Jared Brown says crews responded to the Leisure Land Pleasure Park Wednesday shortly after 2:20 p.m.

Officials with Dallas City Rural Fire Protection District said when crews arrived, a trailer was fully engulfed and backup from other departments was called in to assist.

"I heard boom boom boom and the explosion."

Jadi Zioui,who lives right next door to the trailer that caught fire, grabbed her young child and ran outside. She said what she saw was terrifying.
"But that place was gone, there were gunshot shots popping off, and things flying through the air, and smoke billowing everywhere," Zioui explained. 
Multiple fire crews were on scene minutes later, and they said even though the trailer was fully engulfed, fighting the fire wasn't the biggest challenge. It was...
"Weather," Dallas City Assistant Fire Chief Danny Matejewski answered. 
He said just getting water on the fire proved to be difficult because of the single digit temperature.
"Everything's wanting to freeze on us, water - trying to get a water supply when it's this cold out is definitely a challenge." 

Matejewski said despite the freezing weather, it was the coordination between the crews that helped them move quickly. After the fire was out, firefighters started looking through the shell of the trailer to find out how the blaze started.

"Thinking it was just an accidental fire, possibly a kitchen related fire, but we're not a hundred percent positive about that at this time," Matejewski said.

The investigation continues with the Illinois State Fire Marshal.  
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