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Local colleges urge people to learn about computer programing

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - As the world becomes more and more digitized, local college officials say they hope a  push to get more people to learn about programming them will turn some eyes to a career in computers.

Code.org started a nationwide campaign that asks people to take an hour from their day to learn about computer programing. The site says more than 11 million participants have signed up to participate this week.

Dean of Careers and Technology at John Wood Community College Pam Foust says people of all ages should look into it.

"I think it's all out there," Foust said. "There are opportunities out there on the web with code academy and Code.org. Look at those and try the coding see if you like it. You never know what might hook a young person into getting interested in science and technology. So if it takes an hour of coding to really get people interested in the growing computer science field, that will work."

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Quincy University Jiang Li says coding is important because so many things we use in everyday life use a program that's coded. Li said programs will only improve if there are more people willing to try it.

Foust echoed Li saying coding spans all careers in today's digital world.

"We know that computers are an integral part of our lives now and in every industry," Foust said. "There are very few jobs anymore that are just labor and don't require that knowledge of computers. The more you know about computers, the more in-depth and the higher tech skills you can have, such as programing and coding, I think you will be just that more valuable to the company."

The school conducted a survey that shows over 90 percent of jobs require proficiency in microsoft programs. Foust says a background in computer science is something that most people will need to learn at some point in their lives.

According to Code.org's website Liberty High School participated in the event this year. Officials at local colleges say they hope next year more Tri-States schools will participate in Hour of Code.

To look at the website, sign up to teach the program or learn about coding, go to code.org.
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