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Macomb hit hard by snow storm

Macomb was not missed by the snowfall, as it was one of the hardest hit in the Tri-states.

Macomb officials believed they received between nine to 10 inches from the snow storm. Macomb initiated a snow emergency for the city Friday night and continued the emergency into Saturday afternoon. Mayor Mike Inman said it won't take long for city crews to get the snow cleaned up, but he wants everyone to be careful when cleaning up their driveways and sidewalks.

"Well obviously the weather is fairly moderate," Inman said. "It is supposed to get down into single digits this evening. I want to ask them to take precautions and keep warm."

Macomb resident Ray Krepel had more advice for residents.

"You got to pace yourself," Krepel said. "Otherwise, you will end up really being exhausted."

Mayor Inman said that the City crew worked hard to get the snow removed enough that Western Illinois University's mid-term graduation could go on as scheduled.
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