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City of Hannibal forced to find another demolition company for downtown building

It's another setback for a dangerous building in Hannibal that was set to be demolished.  Now, the city decided to change who they wanted to take the building down.

Hannibal hired Century Used Brick back in July to take down the building on 213 Broadway.  After they started construction weeks ago, Century Used Brick now wants an additional $6,000 to bring down the building. 

That would be double what the city and Century Used Brick agreed on back in the summer.  The company sent a letter to Jeff LaGarce saying there were safety issues they were not aware of in 213 Broadway, and it will cost more to bring down.  The city council opted to go with a different company to bring down the building.  Even though it was more expensive, city attorney James Lemon believes it's the city's best bet.

"We have no guarantee that this company is going to go forward with the price they agreed to even if we were to grant a change order. The difference is we have dealt with the next highest bidder on many occasions and we have never had him not demolish something for exactly the price that he bid it at," Lemon said.

Building Inspector Joey Burnham said in the council meeting, the other company, Robert's Demolition, would start as soon as possible picking up where Century Used Brick left off.  The city is looking at its options to move forward with litigation against Century Used Brick for breach of contract.   

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