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Principal: Keep learning over Christmas

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Schools are out for winter break and this is the time that some children stop learning.

Quincy Public School officials encourage you to keep your child's mind busy during the extended break. Monroe Elementary Principal Brian Trowbridge said parents should turn everyday activities into a learning process.

"Everyday things like reading the holiday cards that you receive from family and friends," Trowbridge said. "Maybe, while your baking reading through instruction with your child and letting them take part in that."

Trowbridge said he hopes the learning process does not end when school is out.

"We have the children for seven, eight hours a day, but there is a big part of their day that there are still opportunities for them to learn," Trowbridge said. "It's important to have that support at home. It's important for parents to continue to work with their children every single day to give them those experiences to continue to grow."

Trowbridge says the important aspect is to keep it fun. He says making it informal will make the children more willing to participate.
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