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DOT Foods freezer employees brave sub-zero temperatures

MOUNT STERLING, Ill. (WGEM) - Some people just couldn't catch a break from the blistering cold temperatures Tuesday, especially those whose job had them in temperatures colder than outside.

More than 120 employees work 10 hour shifts in the DOT Foods freezer every day. Inside the freezer, workers had to brave temperatures as low as -5 degrees. One employee says spending all day in the sub zero temperatures actually prepares him to be outside.

"When it comes to actually working in the freezer, I think it actually conditions your body to get used to the cold weather and it makes it a lot easier to handle things. I'm not a big summer person, so I love the cold weather," Lucas Roberts said.

Roberts also says workers don't have to deal with moisture or wind in the freezer like you do outside. He says if you're bundled up, it's not that bad.
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