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Cars still buried all over the Tri-States

Even a full 24 hours after the snow storm, numerous cars parked along city streets across the Tri-States are still buried in as much as a foot of snow.  For those who didn't clear off their vehicle Wednesday morning, it's going to take some serious digging to get out.  However, it's not just vehicles in Quincy that have this problem.     

In Hannibal, cars who parallel parked along Broadway and in the downtown area were almost completely covered with snow.  While some people got out to clear their cars, drivers like Michael Ginsberg said it took him numerous attempts to completely clear off his vehicle.

"I've been stir crazy, so I came out early in the morning to do a little bit and this is about the third time I've come out so I've noticed some more snow had fallen on top of the car," Ginsberg said.

With subzero temperatures Wednesday night, it's only going to make it harder for people to clear off their cars because this light, fluffy snow will compact and get even heavier overnight.

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