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UPDATE: Autopsy of body of Macomb man shows findings of strangulation

MACOMB, Ill. (WGEM) - The Macomb Police Department says autopsy results indicate that a man found not breathing on Sunday morning died due to being strangled.

Chief Curt Barker says the autopsy results for 43-year-old Ramone Doyle show findings "consistent with a cause of death of strangulation." He also says the case is now being treated as a homicide investigation.

Doyle was found by police at 515 E. Pierce Street shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday to a report of a person not breathing. Barker said Doyle had gotten into a fight with his roommate, 25-year-old Shaun Davis, at the residence. Sometime after that fight, Barker said Davis called 911.

Doyle was taken to McDonough District Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Barker said detectives have not determined a motive behind the fight.

Barker says detectives have interviewed Davis, along with a witness present during the altercation and other people who were at the residence earlier that morning.

Barker said Davis is being considered the "prime suspect" in the investigation.

When asked if Davis will be arrested in connection with Doyle's death, McDonough County State's Attorney James Hoyle said he could not comment.

"I'm reviewing the materials sent over by the police department," Hoyle said. "That's all I can say at this time because of ethical rules."

Meanwhile, Macomb residents tell WGEM they are shocked to hear that something like this could happen in their town.

"I thought it was crazy, it's Macomb. You don't expect to hear things like this in Macomb," Jay Jacobs said.
"I've been here in Macomb for years and years and this is the first time I've ever really seen anything quite like that," Ann Schaeffer said.

Schaeffer lives just down the block from where Doyle was found not breathing on the floor of his home off Pierce Street.
"I was looking out my window and saw all the different police cars, and the coming and going and the carrying out," Schaeffer said.

Barker says Davis and Doyle, were co-workers at Buffalo Wild Wings in Macomb. Doyle was one of the restaurant's managers.
"Right now we're just conducting interviews with anyone and everyone that was associated with or was at the residence that evening. We're trying to gather all the facts of what took place," Barker said.

Until the investigation moves forward, Macomb residents are left looking for answers. Answers Barker says may not come for a few weeks.
"We don't have anybody in custody, and we're waiting for the autopsy report to come back, and finish all of our interviews with everyone," Barker said.
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