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WGEM Home & Living Show - Fall Edition - Vendor Terms and Conditions

Email mternus@wgem.com for more information on how to get your business involved in the 2014 WGEM Home & Living Show - Fall Edition event!

•The Oakley Lindsay Center will be the exclusive decorators of the WGEM Home & Living Show Fall Edition.  

•A standard booth (10 ft. deep X 10 ft. wide) will consist of an 8 ft. high back wall and 36 inch high side dividers.  Back wall and side dividers will hang from 1 inch aluminum rails. 

•Side displays of a booth may be constructed over 3 ft. ONLY when permission has been granted in advance.  Such permission must be obtained directly from the adjacent exhibitor.  Each adjacent exhibitor will have the right to use the back side of any side wall construction.  If all parties do not agree side display construction over 3 ft. is not permitted.  If side displays are constructed all exposed surfaces must be finished with painted wood, peg board, paneling, wall covering, or draperies.

•Construction of displays may begin on Friday, September 26, at 8am.  All displays and merchandise should be in place by 9:00am, Saturday, September 27.  All boxes and crating material must be removed from display areas by 9:00am.  Tacking to the floor or walls is not allowed.

•Each standard 10 X 10 booth will include a table, table cover, skirting and two chairs. 

•If electricity is needed, there will be a $15.00 fee (0-150W), which will need to be contracted for through the Oakley Lindsay Center.  

•All packing materials should be removed from the Center during the show.  All decorations must be fireproof - crepe paper is forbidden by order of the Quincy Fire Chief.

Exhibits should not be disturbed or dismantled before 7:00pm, Saturday, September 27.  Dismantling of exhibits before closing time is unfair to other participants and to those attending the show.

•All exhibit material must be removed from the space on Saturday, September 27, 2014, by 10pm.

•All advertising and promotion at the show site is limited to the confines of the booth of each exhibitor.  

•Direct selling or giving away of certain food and beverage items in the booth is prohibited – please check with your sales rep for clarification.  The sale of merchandise other than food and beverage is most welcome.  Exhibitors are cautioned to remove cash receipts from the building on a timely basis.  Exhibitors are reminded that it is illegal for WGEM to broadcast any promotion involving prize, chance, and consideration. 

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