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Rehabilated Eagle Reunities with Students

EDINA, Mo. (WGEM) - Back in February, a Knox County School bus driver and her students noticed an injured bald eagle on the side of the road. They stopped to take care of it and get it medical attention.

Today the rehabilitated bird and students were reunited as it made an appearance at Knox County High School. The eagle has been named Knox. Although the kids saved the eagle's life, when they first saw him along the road, they were just excited to see the bird up close.

"The kids all have iPads, they just wanted to take pictures. When he went to move we noticed his wing was damaged," says bus driver Kay Mallett. Knox won't be able to fly again as part of his right wing had to be amputated. The school hopes to raise money for his rehabilitation at the Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Quincy.

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