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Sunset Apartment residents concerned about 8th and Vermont

Residents at Sunset Apartments in Quincy are concerned about walking across the street at 8th and Vermont.  

7th ward alderman Terri Heinecke says she's received several calls from residents worried about that intersection ever since the city covered up the traffic lights last month. At Monday night's city council meeting, she asked the traffic commission to look at putting up flashing pedestrian crossing lights.

Without traffic signals, some pedestrians say the intersection has become a tricky area to cross.

"Sometimes I go to a class at Vermont Street Methodist Church, and I had to make two or three attempts because there was a lot more traffic. Since I used to live in San Diego, it kind of reminded me of that," Louise Macke said.

City engineer Jeffrey Conte says the city will hold a public hearing in May to discuss feedback on whether to permanently remove the traffic signals at that intersection.

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