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Donation to fund bike helmets for Adams County kids

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - With nice weather ahead, many kids will soon be out riding their bikes on a daily basis.  A donation Wednesday means many children in Adams County will be a little safer riding.

The Kohl's Cares campaign is presenting a check Wednesday to Safe Kids Adams County's Bike Helmet Campaign. The grant provides more than 1,900 bike helmets to kids 4-years-old to first-grade in the county. Triena Dietrich with Safe Kids Adams County says the goal of the campaign is to stress the importance of helmet safety.

"We tell the children they only get one brain, one head that you can use," Dietrich said. "You want to make sure we protect that because that's the one you have from when your four all the way until your 44 or however old you're going to live."

Dietrich said that this is just another step in what Safe Kids Adams County is all about.

"It's making sure that we're ensuring safety," Dietrich said. "This is a form of the safety that we do just like when we are doing our bike to school, our walk to school days or different safety initiatives."

Adams County kids enrolled in preschool through first grade have already been fitted for their helmets.  The helmets will be delivered throughout the month of April.
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