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Lewis County community gathers for fundraiser for bus accident families

It was an emotional reunion for the families of 31 kids who were injured in a school bus accident two months ago in Lewis County, Missouri.

The community gathered for a fundraising event to help out the families of the victims on Saturday at the La Grange Community Center.

The injuries were still visible for many of the kids that were on school bus 18 when it crashed in Lewis County on April 1. The memories were just as fresh.

"I just knew that the bus was going to wreck so I just sat up and put my hands on the seat and I just blanked out after that," Karyann Cox said as she remembers the day.

"I didn't know what was going on when we started turning," De'Andre Lewis said. "One minute I was in the back just talking to my friends, the next I was just outside the bus just sitting there."

Saturday's event was not only about raising money for the families, but for counting their blessing.

"Everything for the kids is free," Organizer Betty Bronestien said. "That's the party part because really it's almost like celebrating life because none of them were tragically injured."

For kids like De'andre Lewis who broke nine bones in his back or like Gavin Meyer who still has to wear a cast because of injuries he still suffers from today, the road to recovery hasn't been easy, but they are slowing bouncing back.

It's hard to tell by looking at kids like Karyann Cox just how serious their injuries were two months ago.

"I had a head laceration on the whole top of my head and I had a concussion," Cox said.

Cox says Saturday's event has been an uplifting one after the horrible accident they endured just a short time ago.

"It feels good to see everybody out and seeing everybody doing good," Cox said.


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