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Reminders during Lightning Safety Awareness Week

CAMP POINT, Ill. (WGEM) - We have all heard the saying "When thunder roars, go indoors". That's because if you can hear the thunder, even if you don't see the thunderstorm yet, lightning is close enough to strike you.

It's important to know that no place is safe outdoors during a thunderstorm, so move into a sturdy shelter.

Timothy Brecht, with Adams Electric, says their lineman are experts and very well trained. However, sometimes they have to go out in the middle of a storm to do their job.

"And they will dispatch as soon as a call comes in and the storm is obviously still going on,” Brecht said. “They'll get to the location, they'll assess the situation. And if they see too much lightning in the area and it's too close, they're going to get back to the safety of their truck and have to wait usually a few moments."

As for the electronics in your home, if you have surge protectors or a whole house surge protector and your electric company has good protection on its system you shouldn't have to run around the house and unplug everything during a storm.

Brecht says the utility companies take several precautions when it comes to protecting buildings from lightning strikes.

"We would have a lightning arrestor that's mounted on each transformer,” Brecht said. “And what that's doing is taking the high voltage that gets induced on our line during a lightning strike and takes it to the ground. And hopefully that's not going to get it into the house or into their equipment there in the house."

Brecht also says a good portion of power outages are lightning related this time of the year.

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