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Three Quincy teenagers save a lifeguard from drowning

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Most kids are enjoying their summer vacation at the pool, but for three 13-year-old boys, their day at the Wavering Aquatic Center in Quincy took a dramatic after they noticed a lifeguard nearly drowning. Their quick thinking and teamwork is what ultimately saved the lifeguard's life.

Quincy Park District officials say the lifeguard fell from his post into the water while he was on duty on Sunday, July 6. The guard was submerged underwater suffering from an injury to his head and leg, which he sustained during the fall.

Nate Gilbert and his two friends, Casey Cox and Zach Bunch, were at the pool that day for Gilbert's birthday party.

"We didn't really know what to do because we didn't really know what was going on," Gilbert said.

The three 13-year-olds saw one of the lifeguards fall from his post into the water, ultimately coming to the lifeguard's aid.

"We noticed that a lifeguard was jumping into the water," Gilbert said. "We sat there watching and a few seconds later we noticed that he had a gash on his head."

"I saw Nate with a look on his face like 'What do I do?'" Cox said. "So I just told Nate to try and keep his head above water."

"I was yelling real loud at the lifeguards to come help," Bunch said.

Firefighters with the Quincy Fire Department were the first on scene, followed by Adams County Ambulance services. Both emergency services assisted the three boys, who officials say likely saved the lifeguard's life.

"We're very grateful they were there to assist him," Recreation Supervisor Mark Callaway said. "It was wonderful to see teenagers take action like that and come to his aid."

The lifeguard has since recovered. And as life gets back to normal for Gilbert, Cox and Bunch, they say they were just in the right place at the right time. 

"We were there and we helped him," Cox said. "Anyone else would've done the same thing."

"We would've done it for anybody," Bunch said.

Callaway says the lifeguard is fine but he says they're still not sure what caused the lifeguard to lose consciousness and fall into the pool. The lifeguard has been instructed to get a full evaluation before returning to work.

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