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Art Keller Marina expected to be reopen Friday

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - As the levels on the Mississippi River continue to drop, Quincy park district officials are preparing to re-open Art Keller Marina later this week.

The marina closed back on July 1 due to rising water. Since then no one has been allowed to get to their slips or use the boat ramp.

If the river continues to go down, like it's expected to, Director of Parks Rome Frericks says they will start dropping spud cables on Thursday and open back up Friday around noon.

"We're cleaning up everyday as it goes down," Frericks said. "We're pressure washing the docks and the walkways. We're kind of letting the water help us by throwing the pumps in the water and using the water to clean everything up."

When the marina does open back up, Frericks says boaters need be cautious of left over debris while out on the water. 

"On Thursday they're still talking like 20 feet and that's eight feet above normal pool this time of year," Frericks said. "There could be some obstructions in the water that they might not see."

Frericks says boaters should be expecting an email Wednesday or Thursday announcing the final decision on when the marina will be back open.
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