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Ralls County Health Department finishing school vaccinations

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Nurses in Ralls County say more families seem to be waiting until the last minute for their back-to-school shots.

The Ralls County Health Department even had to extend its hours on Monday, and registered nurse Carrie Fogle says they were busy all day long.

Fogle says they were giving the TDAP and meningitis vaccines, namely to kids entering kindergarten or 8th grade. She says the department has been proactive in trying to get to everyone.

"Last week we did go into the schools and into our district in Ralls County and offered them at the school for their Back-to-School night," Fogle said. "When they met their teachers we went into the schools and did the immunizations, but I don't think we caught quite everybody."

If you missed the immunization clinic Monday, you can still come in Tuesday.

Students will be sent home from school if they don't have the proper vaccinations.
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