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Former school board member and assistant state's attorney accused of murdering wife in 2006

Curtis Lovelace Curtis Lovelace
Cory Lovelace Cory Lovelace
QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - The Quincy Police Department says a Quincy man was indicted Wednesday morning by an Adams County Grand Jury, accusing him of murdering his wife in 2006.

Quincy Police Chief Robert Copley says Curtis T. Lovelace, 45, was arrested in downtown Quincy Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. Lovelace is charged with first degree murder, and his bond is set at $5 million.

The charge is related to the death of his wife, Cory D. Lovelace, 38, who was found dead in her home Feb. 14, 2006. The investigation was reopened in December.

"The coroner's inquest in 2006 ruled the cause of death undetermined," Copley said. "I can tell you that we've had new autopsy results given to us that labeled this as a homicide."

Copley says there are some challenges to re-investigating a case eight years down the road.  

"People's memory isn't as good eight years later.  There are circumstances that we believe will still be remembered, but some of the details may not be by some of the witnesses and some of the family members or things like that," he said. 

Police aren't releasing details about what new evidence was discovered to charge Curtis Lovelace with first degree murder, but Copley says getting a fair trial shouldn't be an issue. 


"I don't think that will enter into it because the facts of the investigation are not widely known.  I think that would be the key," he said.  

It's unknown at this time when Lovelace will appear in court next.

Lovelace is a former Adams County Assistant State's Attorney and because of that, Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard was forced to go outside of his office.

"Several months ago, based on developments in the case, this office made a request for the appointment of a special prosecutor," Barnard said.

Barnard said he made the request for two reasons.

"First, (Lovelace) is a former employee of this office," Barnard said. "Also, it's reasonable to anticipate I will be called on to testify in the case."

Barnard would not comment any further.

The Illinois State Appellate Prosecutor's Service was appointed as special prosecutor.

Lovelace also previously served on the Quincy School Board.

According to online pubic records, Lovelace is being held at Hancock county jail.  

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