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Farmers harvest early, report record yields

 Near perfect weather during this year's growing season has Tri-State farmers excited over a bumper corn crop.

The USDA predicted record yields in corn this harvest and farmers who got an early start shelling corn confirm the success.

"This is just unbelievable corn," Quincy farmer Dennis Dempsey said while working his field on Sunday.

"It's hard to say anything bad about this corn crop. It really looks good," he said.

Mike Roegge with the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Office says there's excitement over the local corn crop.

"Farmers are eager to get in. They know it's a big crop, they  know they got a lot of bushels to harvest. It's going to take some time to do that so they want to get this started so they can get it completed," Roegge said.

Roegge says local farmers are still bouncing back from the drought of 2012, when they saw the highest market prices ever for corn, but low yields prevented them from cashing in.

"Everybody still has 2012 in the back of their mind," Dempsey said.

"We had corn probably close to seven dollars," Roegge said.

Current corn prices are down to about half of 2012's prices. But, the bumper crop will allow farmers to sell more grain, so the lower market prices will still add up. 

"It affects us, it affects everything we do when the price goes down but we're hoping to have more bushels to kind of make up for that lower price," Dempsey added.

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