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Experts say proper car seat installation could save your child's life

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Is your child safe in the car seat you have in your vehicle?

Chances are they aren't as secure as they should. A new study by AAA shows three out of four car seats are not installed properly.

The safety of two-year-old Gabriel is Rochelle Howard's number one priority. Therefore, when she purchased this car seat two weeks ago she wanted to make sure she knew how to properly install it in the back of her vehicle.

"We were pretty sure that we did it right, but there's always that little bit of doubt in your head," Howard said.
And that doubt was enough to bring Rochelle to the Central Fire Station for the seat belt check Saturday.

"Just wanted to make sure and let the professionals check it out," Howard said.

Safe Kids Adams County teamed up with the Quincy Fire Department to show parents how to properly install their car seats in their vehicles and to inspect them.

"We make sure the seat is fitting with the car and fitting with the child in the seat and making sure the straps are the right way," Triena Dietrich of Safe Kids Adams County said. "It's buckled in the car the right way."

Dietrich says it's important to remember kids two and under should have rear-facing car seats and kids older than two can be facing forward.

Dietrich says it's not only important that your car seat is installed correctly when you are out on the road like this, but it's also very important that it's in good condition.

"Seats do have an expiration date of six years and most of the seats now if you look on their labels it will tell you when they expire," Dietrich said."We don't recommend that you get a seat at a garage sale or a thrift store."

Safe Kids Adams County will have seat belt check events coming up on October 10 and November 7 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Central Fire Station in Quincy.

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