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32 downtown Quincy trees have died

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - While most of the trees in downtown Quincy are thriving, about 32 have died according to Quincy City officials.

Director of Planning and Development Chuck Bevelheimer says the city reviewed their current tree planting contract with Leffers Landscaping and Nursery to replace the trees. The city is allowed to expand the contract by 25 percent, which gives them an additional 20 trees.

Bevelheimer says he believes there are a few reasons why the trees saw such a big hit. 

"I think it's a combination of the two previous years drought conditions and a severe winter," Bevelheimer said. "We had trees that died and I think we had trees die in the neighborhoods as well. So I don't think you can pinpoint any one cause."

Bevelheimer says Quincy Central Services has already started removing some of the trees with a goal of newly planted trees this fall. Bevelheimer also says they have a program with The District in which the tree beds are mulched. However, there's no guarantee a tree will survive over the winter. 

"There's no guarantee, as the landscape companies will tell you, that a tree will survive over the winter," Bevelheimer said. "It's just one of those hit and miss things that happens. Hopefully if they have a good winter and they bud out, that they'll survive."

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