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Scotland County Ballot Issues


Scotland County has one additional issue on its ballot:

Scotland County R-1 Special School Levy Election

Proposition K.I.D.S.

Shall the Board of Education of the Scotland County R-1 School District, Missouri, be authorized to increase the operating tax levy ceiling from $3.43 to $4.08 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation, through Tax Year 2034 in order to provide funds for the construction, equipping and furnishing of an addition to the Early Childhood Center and a library expansion at the Elementary and High School; the construction, equipping and furnishing of a band and chorus facility on the High School campus, to acquire equipment to improve the technology infrastructure; to complete safety and security upgrades; roof and gutter repairs and other renovations, expansion and repair improvements to the existing facilities of the District? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted operating levy of the District is estimated to increase by $0.65 to $4.08 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation for the 2015 Tax Year and can be applied to the assessed valuation for each year thereafter through Tax Year 2034.

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