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Cold forcing bugs into area homes


Cold weather is settling in the area and that has some families seeing unwanted guests as well.

Many bugs and insects are making their ways into homes trying to get out of the cold. Garry Allen, General Manager at Reliable Pest Solutions in Hannibal says common pests being found are rats, spiders and the Asian lady beetles. He says because of very few natural predators, the Asian lady beetles show up in large numbers, but it can be fairly simple to keep them out of the home.

"They're looking for that crack to get into," Allen said. "That is where they are going to stay throughout winter. So what you need to do is seal those cracks."

"Same thing that is going to keep your house warm this winter. You can do those type of things and you can do some type of a treatment," Allen added.

Allen says to also get the fallen leaves away from next to the homes as those can be prime spots for them to burrow in before moving into the home.

"This time of the year basically once you get the first cold snap, which we just had last week, that is when they are really aggressive," Allen said. "They are saying hey it's time. They don't go by a calendar. They go by temperature. So they are saying hey let's go inside and get warm. So you are going to be seeing a lot of it right now."

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