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Coroner exhumes body after questions raised in Lovelace murder case


Adams County Coroner Jim Keller said the body of a Quincy woman was exhumed this week in light of questions raised in the death of Cory Lovelace.

Keller said the exhumation of Linda Booth was performed Tuesday. He did confirm that the exhumation is in response to questions over examinations performed by Dr. Jessica Bowman, a former Sangamon County, Illinois, pathologist.

Keller said Booth was found dead Sept. 11, 2005 in a pool at her Quincy home. The pool had just three feet of water at the time.

"All undetermined deaths (performed by Bowman) are being reviewed," Keller said. "To my knowledge, only two deaths (performed by Bowman) were ruled undetermined."

Keller said although the re-examination was already performed this week, the results will not be known for several months. Booth's death, however, is not considered suspicious, according to Keller.

"This is only a review, not criminalistic," Keller said. "The purpose is only to determine the cause of death."

Bowman also examined the body of Cory Lovelace, who passed away in 2006. Cory's husband and former Adams County prosecutor Curtis Lovelace was arrested in August on a first-degree murder charge after the Quincy Police Department re-opened the investigation.

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