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Lines out the door at the post office for the busiest mailing day of the year

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Nationwide, the US Postal Service will move around 650 million pieces of mail Monday, making this the biggest day for shipping of the year.

In Quincy, workers at the main post office say it was busy all day long, with lines sometimes extending out the door.

Sales and Service Associate Douglas Smith says even if you missed the Monday deadline, there's still a small window of time to get them in to the post office. He says for priority mail, you should have it in by Saturday. For parcel, by Tuesday, because it takes a week. Also, express mail by a week from Monday, the 22nd.

But he says the post office will be busy, so expect long lines.  

"People can actually help out with that by being ready to go when they come in," Smith said. "There's a little misconception about what the post office offers in regards to services. We actually don't offer wrapping services or packing services. When you bring them in they need to be taped, packaged, and we do need a label on it, or it slows the whole process down."

Smith says the deadline to get packages by Christmas for international shipping has passed, so they won't make it in time. For military shipping, Smith says it probably won't make it, but there's a slim chance it might.  

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