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Hotel Elkton residents anxious for more permanent housing after Friday night fire

Gloria Oenning settles in at the Red Cross shelter Gloria Oenning settles in at the Red Cross shelter
QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Monday marked day four for Hotel Elkton residents staying at an emergency shelter at the Quincy Senior Center, and there's still no word on when any of them will be able to return to the structure.

While staying in an emergency shelter and unable to go home, it's the little things that make Hotel Elkton residents staying here just a little more comfortable. For Gloria Oenning, it's her laptop computer, which she was able to retrieve on Monday. She says the situation isn't ideal, but the Red Cross is making it bearable.

"They're taking excellent care of us," Oenning said.

But she says after four days, she and some of the other residents are getting antsy.

"On Friday, I thought we would be back in by Saturday for sure," Oenning said. "It's a little frustrating, because it's just a bunch of people that miss home." 

At Hotel Elkton, signs of recovery are just beginning. Servicemaster was working at the building Monday morning, and Adams County EMA Director John Simon says the owner is working on estimates for the restoration. But there's still a lot of unknowns.  

"They're understanding how much damage there is and trying to get a handle on how long its going to be before they can get in," Red Cross worker Pat D'Alessandro said.

D'alessandro says in the meantime, the Red Cross is looking to get residents out of the temporary shelter and into more permanent housing. She says they met with other service organizations in Quincy to figure out what they can offer their new clients.  

"Either to find appropriate housing, give them phone numbers, agencies that may be able to provide other assistance,"  D'Alessandro said.

And she says they know some residents will need additional help.

"They might need rental assistance, so we'll find someone in the community that can help with that," D'Alessandro said. 

Simon says Red Cross officials and residents will meet with the building owner on Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Senior Center. All residents are welcome, even if they aren't staying at the shelter.  

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