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Quincy residents rank among top in the nation for 'financial responsibility'


Quincy is among nationally ranked cities with the best financially responsible residents.

In a report by credit company Experian, Quincy ranked 10th out of 20 cities nationwide.

The rankings were based on residents' average credit score, debt and outstanding balance.

Local finance experts credit Quincy's low cost of living for why residents are able keep their debt low.

"When you look at the report itself, the cost of living here is a lot lower," Mercantile Bank President Mark Tyrpin said. "Your housing costs, going to the grocery store as compared to a Chicago or a New York or a bigger city. Your dollar goes a lot further in Quincy, Illinois. "

Other cities on the list included Evansville, Indiana and Sioux City, Iowa.

Wausau, Wisconsin was ranked number one in the nation.

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