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Great River Honor Flight Donations 2015


We're proud of all of the people and businesses that have financially supported the Great River Honor Flight Network in 2015. We'd like to share the names of those people and businesses below!

(Note: Click here for the 2012 donation list. Click here for the 2011 donation list. Click here for the 2013 donation list. Click here for the 2014 donation list.)

Donor List 2015
Memorial donations in Loving Memory of:
Delbert Lane, Mission #26 
Chauncey Cogdal
John A. Runyon, Mission #11
Sonny Capp, Mission #14
Maurice Capp, Mission #14
Doris Alexander
Michael Bockenfeld
Kenneth Schmelzle
Col. Lincoln H. Barr - US Army Chaplain
Kenneth Fielding
Thelma Jean Six
Richard Brinkmeyer, Mission #26
Bruce Barnwell
Raymond Dean Lynn,  Mission #25 
Irvin Gibson, Mission #20 
Don Kistner, Mission #15 
Dick Brinkmeyer
Jim Aiken 
Betty Middendorf
Robert Wayne White, Mission #9 
James Koenig
Orie Pine
Raymond Lynn Mission #25  6/18/2014
Bryan Chapman - Vietnam Veteran 126th
Lyndle Claus
Melvin Austin
Doug Runkle 
Edith Haney
Maurice James Hoover - Mission #24 5/22/14
Betty Ott
Gerald Hayden
Henrietta "Sue" Lane
Eugune Miller
Elmer Walter Mission #4 - 10/12/2010
Lawrence O'Brien #5 - 4/12/2011
Rick Ruggiero
Esther Musolino
Chester "Chet" Grove 
Henrietta "Sue" Lane
Martin Wellman
Bill Taylor
Kenneth Glascock 
Ron Burling HF #20 8/29/2013
Donald Owsley
Raymond Dolbeare, WWII Veteran
Dr. Kenneth Knoernschild
William (Bill) Taylor
Forrest Johnson
Thaddeus "Todd" Hyde
Tom F. Walters
Vernon Heaton HF #5 April 2011
James Loeffler HF #18, May 9, 2013
Thomas Smith HF #20, Aug 29, 2013
Douglas R. Leach
 J.D. Shull
Dale Gilbert
John D. Markey
Catherine Cady
Donald Sorrill
James Thompson
Donald Billings
Virgene Gilkerson HF #7, June 23, 2011
Gwen Maddux - wife of Gene Maddux HF #1
Janet Gilbert
Name  City, State 
$10,000 and Up
$5,000 to $10,000
Sweat for a Vet event - Patrick Allensteiner
Mendon Lions Club Mendon, Illinois
$1,000 to $5,000
Ellen Gilkerson Palo Alto, California
Blackhawk Activity Fund Kahoka, Missouri
Pleasant Hill High School Activity Fund Pleasant Hill, IL
American Legion Riders #226 Clarksville, Missouri
Western Illinois Correctional Center Mt. Sterling, IL
Katherine Marberry Quincy, Illinois
Western Catholic Union Quincy, Illinois
VFW Post 1921  Macomb, Illinois
Tailgaters Sports Bar and Grill LLC Revere, Missouri
Annual town event - Jan Runner Blandinsville, Illinois
North River Old Iron Club - Eric Duncan Hull, Illinois
Golden Lions Club Golden, Illinois
Honor Bowl - Nathan Ruxlow, Abbey Elsie, Brett Westerhoff Quincy, Illinois
James and Jean Kase Charitable Fund Grant Kansas City, Missouri
RIO RO MO Land Company LLC Fruita, Colorado
Madison Park Church Quincy, Illinois
Golden Eagle Distributing Hannibal, Missouri
LaGrange Lions Club - Grant Kennady La Grange, Missouri
Western Catholic Union Quincy, Illinois
$500 to $1,000
4-H Goal Diggers Bushnell, Illinois
Madison Park Christian Church Quincy, Illinois
A.L. and Mary Jo Frakes Carthage, Illinois
Lions Club of Camp Point Camp Point, Illinois
Quincy University Quincy, Illinois
Central High School Camp Point, Illinois
Ursa Christian Church Ursa, Illinois
Western Catholic Union Quincy, Illinois
Ayer Boatman VFW Post 4342 Kahoka, Missouri
Macomb Post 1921 Auxiliary Macomb, Illinois
Victor and Carrie Raleigh Ewing, Missouri
Ace Hardware - Keokuk - Andrew Salsman Keokuk, Iowa
Quincy Disabled American Veterans Chapter No. 32 Quincy, Illinois
Lester Hammond Chapter of Korea War Vets Assn Quincy, Illinois
C Renea Creasy - Friends of the On Stage Band Colchester, IL
Village of Bowen Bowen, Illinois
Dr. Leonard Biallas Quincy, Illinois
Quarter Madness Event - Gerilynn Malone Quincy, Illinois
Minnick Grain Equipment Liberty, Illinois
American legion Auxiliary #226 Elsberry, Missouri 
Builders Club - Carthage Middle School Carthage, Illinois
Hannibal Lodge No 1198 Order of Elks Hannibal, Missouri
Boy Scouts of America, Rhonda Lacount Canton, Missouri
HyVee Wine and Spirit Store Donation Jar Quincy, Illinois
Gates Air Quarter Century Club Quincy, Illinois
Rushville Industry High School Rushville, Illinois
New Salem Masonic Temple Board Pittsfield, Illinois
BGS Veterans Memorial Blandinsville, Illinois
American Legion Riders #226 Clarksville, Missouri
American Legion Otto Bruner Post 170 Canton, Missouri
$100 to $500
Earl and Linda Toups Eunice, Louisiana
Jeri and J. Daniel Conboy Palmyra, Missouri
Katheryn and Drew Maddox Hannibal, Missouri
Roger and Linda Finnamore Quincy, Illinois
Sarah Dorris Palmyra, Missouri
Wanda Yager Palmyra, Missouri
First Presbyterian Church Warsaw, Illinois
Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary #3515 Carthage, Illinois
First Presbyterian Church Warsaw, Illinois
Central High School Camp Point, Illinois
Deane and Roverne Meinhardt Kahoka, Missouri
Meinhardt Insurance Agency - Deane Meinhardt Kahoka, Missouri
Ross Centannie Quincy, Illinois
Karen Tuttle Kahoka, Missouri
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Cincinnati, Ohio
Robert and Susan Mitchell New London, Missouri
CNB Bank and Trust Pittsfield, Illinois
Daniel Nuessen Quincy, Illinois
Paul Miller Quincy, Illinois
Dolores Markey & Family Dallas City, Illinois
Montebello Floral Society c/o Marsha Froman Hamilton, Illinois
Mary Walters (see note on contributors for this) Quincy, Illinois
Jean and James Loeffler Quincy, Illinois
Jack and Marilyn Bixler Greenville, SC
Stanton and Barbara Ehinger Louisiana, Missouri
Perry Full Color Drive - Jennifer Liehr Chambersburg, Illinois
Jennifer Liehr Day Care Chambersburg, Illinois
Tony and Jill Gross Quincy, Illinois
Stephen and Catherine Dickman Downers Grove, Illinois
AFSCME Illinois Retirees - Subchapter 83 Quincy, Illinois
Chaddock School Quincy, Illinois
Benjamin and Lois Heaton Wheaton, Illinois
Linda Schrader Hamilton, Illinois
Douglas and Becky Summers Hamilton, Illinois
Thomas and mary Miller Quincy, Illinois
SIU School of Medicine - Dena Nokes Quincy, Illinois
Dana Hendricks Keokuk, IA
Hamilton High School Hamilton, Illinois
John and Betty Bross Hannibal, Missouri
M/M Isaac Smith Virginia Beach, Virginia
Military Order of Purple Heart Chapter 138 Quincy, Illinois
Peter and Diann Brechbuhl Jacksonville, Illinois
Terryl and Carole Lannerd Quincy, Illinois
Milton/Pearl HCE Pearl, Illinois
Roger and Linda Finnamore Quincy, Illinois 
Reta Gerstung Chatham, Illinois
Jim Duvendock Mt. Sterling, IL
HyVee employees Quincy, Illinois
Central High School Camp Point, Illinois
Dwayne Miller Carthage, Illinois
Tumbleweed Home Extension Unit - Charlotte Huner Quincy, Illinois
Auxiliary of Kahoka VFW Post 4342 Kahoka, Missouri
Gwen Henslee Quincy, Illinois
Erwin or Darylene Pennington Louisiana, Missouri
Timothy and Jan Morgan Quincy, Illinois
Dan Nokes Quincy, Illinois
Harry and Shirley Kingery Pittsfield, Illinois
Boy Scouts of America Pack #101 Hannibal, Missouri
Joe and Marlene Churchill Quincy, Illinois
Jerome Zarecki Tlinley Park, Illinois
Dr. Kathy Asbury Quincy, Illinois
Cash donation
Eloise Tischer Hannibal, Missouri
Cash donation
Terry and Anita Myers Quincy, Illinois
Mary Reckers - Alice, Mary, Christine, Maggie, Amy, Marlene and Katie Quincy, Illinois
HyVee on behalf of Julin Boon
Cash donation
Debra Burton Hannibal, Missouri
Akers Chapel Community Church Hull, Illinois
Helen Hardy Quincy, Illinois
Teresa Clingingsmith Quincy, Illinois
Quincy Family YMCA Quincy, Illinois
Teresa Clingingsmith Quincy, Illinois
Roger Dunham New Salem, Illinois
American Letion 10-75 Bear Creek Pos 823 Mendon, Illinois
VFW Post 5410 Camp Point, Illinois
Donald Harvey - Hannibal Bridge Marathon Club Hannibal, Missouri
Hgrand View Belles Hannibal, Missouri
Marine Bank and Trust Carthage, Illinois
Charles C. Crank Woodbury, MN
RSVP Widown Club - Rose Thompson Hannibal, Missouri
Bonnie Hemming Quincy, Illinois
Hannibal Coin Club Hannibal, Missouri
Old National Bancorp Evansville, Indiana
Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church Taylor, Missouri
Gene Huebotter La Belle, Missouri
Kathryn M White La Grange, Missouri
William Walker Grand Rapids, MI 
Linda Deverger Quincy, Illinois
Chad Deverger Peoria, Illinois
Donald Claus
Nancy Anthony and others Quincy, Illinois
American Legion Auxiliary #152 Pittsfield, Illinois
Christopher Gray Louisville, Kentucky
Sharon Geise Quincy, Illinois
Olivia Plant Kahoka, Missouri
Mark Twain Casino LaGrange, Missouri
Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church Taylor, Missouri
Joe and Jan Gutting LaHarpe, IL
Bryce Butler Quincy, Illinois
Coatsburg Lioness Club - Edna Flesner Golden, Illinois
Bill and Mary Lou Mellish Creve Coeur, Missouri
Rag Tag Band c/o Dave Scharnhorst New London, Missouri
AFSCME Illinois Retirees - Subchapter 81 Macomb, Illinois
Kendra Casselman De Leon Springs, Florida
Charles and Lula Six Arapahoe, Nebraska
Lewis Co. C-1 School District Ewing, Missouri
Missouri FCCLS Region III Shelbyville, Missouri
Tina Stoner Quincy, Illinois
Mt. Sterling First United Methodist Church Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Pikeland Community School Pittsfield, Illinois
Glen and Rebecca Phillips and Family Pittsfield, Illinois
Ronald J. Vecchie Quincy, Illinois
John Hopping Macomb, Illinois
Karen and Richard Garnett Carthage, Illinois
Jakelea Inc (Park Bench and cellar 21) Quincy, Illinois
In Memory of Doris Alexander
$1 to $100
Bob and Norma Perry Payson, Illinois
Evelyn Browning Palmyra, Missouri
Carol and Delbert Fessenden Palmyra, Missouri
Carolyn Juette Palmyra, Missouri
Carroll and Mary Jo Ragar Palmyra, Missouri
Forrest Minch, Jr. Palmyra, Missouri
Maurine and Thomas Johnson Palmyra, Missouri
Norma and Robert Schade Palmyra, Missouri
Betty Dodds Burlington, Iowa
James Reed and Christine Doyle Hull, Illinois
Kelly and Kevin Smyser Palmyra, Missouri
Maatthew and Carrie Schmidt Camp Point, Illinois
Ralph and Janice Shaw Palmyra, Missouri
Robert Harback Flanagan, Illinois
Western Illinois Amateur Radio Club Quincy, Illinois
Marcia Hatfield Glen Carbon, Illinois
Willis Fee Palmyra, Missouri
Bradly and Lou Anne Hoskins Camp Point, Illinois
Gary and Beverly Owsley Lebanon, Missouri
Joseph and Phyllis Schaffer Palmyra, Missouri
Lisa and Anthony Hunziker Kahoka, Missouri
Jill Lynn Deege Quincy, Illinois
Jena Oilar Kahoka, Missouri
Norma Richmond and Alyce McAfee Kahoka, Missouri
Amy Brown Kenosha, Wisconsin
Jane Fisher Quincy, Illinois
Macklin and Marilyn Meyer Quincy, Illinois
Jena Oilar Kahoka, Missouri
Ginny and Art Mesecher Carman, Illinois
Steve and Judith Siebers Quincy, Illinois
Jeanie Genenbacher Quincy, Illinois  
Bob and Norma Perry Payson, Illinois
Arleta Hollyman Quiincy, Illinois
Peggy and Gene Kramer Fowler, Illinois
Frank Mintle Quincy, Illinois
Billie and Bruce Browning Quincy, Illinois
Nicholas and Donna Krizmanic Quincy, Illinois
Philip and Nancy Featheringill Quincy, Illinois
Tim oitker Quincy, Illinois
Janet and Gary Enroth Quincy, Illinois
Barbara Dietrich Quincy, Illinois
Doug and Pam Wiewel Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Mary Evans South Jacksonville, Illinois
Bradley and Sandra Shireman Bluffs, Illinois
Joann and Dick Reichert Quincy, Illinois
Rosalie and Curtis Post Clayton, Illinois
Ronald and Pauline Upper Quincy, Illinois
George and Renee Schlueter Naples, Florida
Dave and Linda Shull Leneta, Kansas
Loretta S. Grunden Quincy, Illinois
Crescentia Fauble Quincy, Illinois
Brenda Sprague Quincy, illinois
Philip and Joy Shults Quincy, Illinois
Lolalee Gronewold Golden, Illinois
Dolores Rolf Bluffs, Illinois
Daniel and Etta Jane Russell Naples, Florida
Mr. Victor Russell & Mr. Edwin Bierzychvdek Chicago, Illinois
Larry and Helen Koeller and Kimberly Redick Liberty, Illinois
Steven Duck Gurnee, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peter Quincy, Illinois
O. A and Ann Jones Fowler, Illinois
Jeffrey and Kathy McPherson Quincy, Illinois
Don and Karen Proske Quincy, illinois
D. R. Ehlert Winchester, Illinois
Nuessen Family Foundation Quincy, Illinois
T.E and S.P. Asher Quincy, Illinois
Gary and Kathy Schluckebier and Family Quincy, Illinois
Peggy, CW and AJ Dueskieker Fowler, Illinois
Jill and Kent Deege Quincy, Illinois
Frank and Betty Crim Quincy, Illinois
Joann Harvey Fowler, Illinois
Dean Sims Quincy, Illlinois
Jeff and Jody Obert Liberty, Illinois
Heidi Russell Racine, Wisconsin
Jeff and Theresa Spear Quincy, Illinois
Anne Mays Quincy, Illinois
Douglas and Deborah Tenhouse Quincy, Illinois
Joe and Mary Eling Quincy, Illinois
Terry and Malica Gross Carrolton, Illinois
Marline Gross Carrolton, Illinois
Blessing Hospital HIM Dept. Quincy, Illinois
Carol and Debbie Steinbrecker Plainville, Illinois
Larry and Sandra Wigington Pittsfield, Illinois
Raymond and Joan Moffit Nebo, Illinois
Robert and Beth Ann Crose Forsyth, Illinois
Jack and Louise Coultas Pleasant Hill, IL
Richard and Brenda Joihnson Pittsfield, Illinois
Gary and Theresa Shinn Pleasant Hill, IL
Margaret Maas Liberty, Illinois
John and Kristin Smith Quincy, Illinois
Bucky and Renee Schlueter Quincy, Illinois  
Kathryn White LaGrange, Missouri
B. Holton Quincy, Illinois
Betty Hochgraber Quincy, Illinois
Bob and Janet Oberling Quincy, Illinois
Kathy and Thomas Scranton, Jr. Pittsfield, Illinois
Ruth Crowder Nebo, Illinois
Steven and Dena Kremer Mount Sterling, Illinois
David and Cynthia Zelhart Maroa, illinois
Robert and Virginia Smith Pleasant Hill, IL
Carmen Blythe Gillespie, Illinois
Anita and Dan Mefford Griggsville, IL
Kevin and Shari Borrowman Rockport, Illinois
Melody Shover Barry, Illinois
Lisa Freeman Indianapolis, Indiana
Adam and Danielle Benz Pleasant Hill, IL
Sarah and Marty Gross Carrolton, Illinois
Steve and Geri McMillen Quincy, Illinois
Susan Mast Quincy, Illinois  
Calvin and Patty Baumann Basco, Illinois
Rosalie and Curtis Post Clayton, Illinois
Linda and Phillip Freehil Atlanta, Illinois
Stacey and Joseph Helms Pittsfield, Illinois
Darrel and Barbara Perry Mount Sterling, Illinois
Jeff and Sherri Howland Pearl, Illinois
James and Pamela McNelly Dahinda, Illinois
Benny and Brooke Johnson Rockport, Illinois
David and Mary Kay Benz Pleasant Hill, IL
Jerry and Susan Schmidt Quincy, Illinois
Roberta Rouse Quincy, Illinois
Fabulous Faces - Debra Lohr Quincy, Illinois
Rita and Roger Brod Quincy, Illinois
Betty, Mary Jo and Martha Schnell Quincy, Illinois
Ron and Martha Fuller Quincy, Illinois
Joe and Corrine Sutcliffe Quincy, Illinois
Marian Shrader Coatsburg, Illinois
Dick and Roseann Gosnell Quincy, Illinois  
Kay and Margaret
David Knorr Fowler, Illinois
Daniel and Nancy Bastert Loraine, Illinois
M/M Larry Troxel Quincy, Illinois
Kenneth and Mary Schwab Lincoln, Illinois
Linda Savage Sutter, Illinois
Dawn Hattey Quincy, Illinois
Angela Henderson Liberty, Illinois
Debra Cramsey Quincy, Illinois
Steven and Marjorie Sinnock Quincy, Illinois 
August and Verna Jacobs Quincy, Illinois
George and Sara Bradfield Quincy, Illinois
Pittsfield Garden Club - Kay Sanderson, Treasurer Milton, Illinois
Dena Nokes Quincy, Illinois
Joe and Candace Burch Spring Branch, Texas
Shelli Jennings Macomb, Illinois
Marjorie Hageman Quincy, Illinois
Billie Browning Quincy, Illinois
Amber Redshaw Rushville, Illinois
James and Marilyn Wort Mt. Sterling, IL
William and Lillie Wilcox Quincy, Illinois
Roberta Drebes Quincy, Illinois
Dave Sapp, Carol Rupert, Cindy McHatton Quincy, Illinois
Patricia Edmonds Pittsfield, Illinois
Dolores Hellweg Normal, Illinois
Robert and Loann White Phoenix, Arizona
Jason and Kari Hills Mt. Sterling, IL
Louise L. Seaver Quincy, Illinois
Edward and Marcia Bondurant Champign, illinois
Helen Dopheide  Quincy, Illinois
Roger and Rosie Terstip Quincy, Illinois
Keith and Sharon Brinkman Quincy, Illinois
M. K. Ryan Quincy, Illinois
Jeri Vaughn LaGrange, Missouri
Mary Wilson Quincy, Illinois
Phyllis Schulte Quincy, Illinois
Wayne and Susan Howe Quincy, Illinois
Bill and Glenda Todd Quincy, Illinois
Alvin and Kay Dempsey Quincy, Illinois
Joan Curtis Quincy, Illinois
Dean Sims Quincy, Illinois
Bud Kasparie and Lynette Burch Quincy, Illinois 
Norma Begeman Quincy, Illinois 
Ruth Hultz Quincy, Illinois
Ruth W. Burling Carthage, Illinois
Mary Lou Nuessen Quincy, Illinois
Vivian and Jack Hogge Quincy, Illinois
Russell and Cynthia Cook Mendon, Illinois
Trudy Hill Quincy, Illinois
Joann and Frank Drummond Quincy, Illinois
William and David Guthrie Pittsfield, Illinois
Linda and Mike Butler Quincy, Illinois
Kevin and Janice Wiemelt Liberty, Illinois
Pat and Ken Dopheide Quincy, Illinois
Sam and Millie Massey Quincy, Illinois
Denton and Amy Sprenger and Family Coatsburg, Illinois
S. Duker Quincy, Illinois
Emily M. Becker Quincy, Illinois
Todd Honeustreet Jefferson City, Missouri
Gene Fuerman O'Fallon, Missouri
Kim Renard Quincy, Illinois
Linda Reichert Liberty, Illinois
Rosemary and Michael Dittmer Quincy, Illinois
Mary Snowden Quincy, Illinois
Theresa Rohrer Quincy, Illinois
Ray and Donna Johnson Quincy,, Illinois 
Grace Phyllis Reed Quincy, Illinois
Ruth Essington Fowler, Illinois
M/M Gene East Quincy, Illinois
Linda Little and Kerri Jobe Quincy, Illinois
Barb Bowen Quincy, Illinois
Rose Clements Fowler, Illinois
Tracy and Dana Martin Hull, Illinois
Carolyn McKay Quincy, Illinois
Robert and Barbara Rhinberger Quincy, Illinois
Darlene and James Blacketer Coatsburg, Illinois
Janelle Fuller Quincy, Illinois
Edward Huston Quincy, Illinois
Russell and Karen Beeler Sutter, Illinois
Robert and Patricia Schmitt Quincy, Illinois
Dennis and Jennifer Dempsey Quincy, Illinois
Bob and Phyllis Hofmeister Quincy, Illinois
Daniel and Sharon Terwelp Liberty, Illinois
Donald C. Mealiff Mendon, Illinois
Verne Hagstrom Quincy, Illinois
Do0nald and Rosann Sprenger Coatsburg, Illinois
Ben Myers Quincy, Illinois
James and Shirley Schuecking Quincy, Illinois
Kathy Abell and Glen and Karrie Brassfield Quincy, Illinois
Tim and Vicky Dickerson Durham, MO
Ken and Doni Clerbock Ursa, Illinois
Carl and Carol Armstrong Quincy, Illinois
Thomas and Judi Schutte Quincy, Illinois
Ray and Kay Peter Fowler, Illinois
Larry, Brenda and Ryder White LaGrange, Missouri
Bill and Karen Young Quincy, Illinois
QUOIA Dr. Pittsfield, Illinois
Robert and Janice Febus Taylorville, Illinois  
Diane and charles Schroeder Quincy, Illinois
Daniel Barry Quincy, Illinois
Phyllis R. Smith Ursa, Illinois
Edwin and Janet Watson Ewing, Missouri
Tasie Kendall Quincy, Illinois
Elizabeth J. Busbey Quincy, Illinois
Billie and Bruce Browning Quincy, Illinois
Chris and June Misner Perry, Missouri
Stevenson Fertilizer, LLC Dallas City, Illinois
Paul and Rita Grawe Gurnee, Illinois
Bruce and Kathryn McClain Quincy, Illinois
C Jay and Doris Hendrix Catawissa, Missouri
William and Marcy Ogle Mendon, Illinois
Alan and Kimberley Koch Lewistown, Missouri  
Rodney and Gayla Roberts Quincy, Illinois
Harold and Luann Ketchum Clayton, Illinois
Richard and Mary Wellman Quincy, Illinois
Staff and Associates of TJ Max Store 1023 Quincy, Illinois
Marilyn and Kerry Berryman Quincy, Illinois
Mary Pott Quincy, Illinois
Marilyn Wenneker Ewing, Missouri
Daniel and Linda Schmitz Ewing, Missouri
Brenda Grimsley Quincy, Illinois
Phyllis Schulte Quincy, Illinois
Brad and Crystal Bliven Quincy, Illinois
Earl and Joann Hochgrapber Quincy, Illinois
Billie Browning Quincy, Illinois
John and Kelly Potts Quincy, Illinois
David and Angeline Thompson Quincy, Illinois
Bob and Sherry Readshaw Quincy, Illinois
Roger and Phyllis Knuffman Quincy, Illinois
Emily M. Becker Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Virgie Dawson Steffenville, Missouri
Dale and Jennifer Hilgenbrinck Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Emma Harrrison Labelle, Missouri
William and Helen Lee Steffen Labelle, Missouri
Arsenius and Eleanor Flesner Plainville, Illinois
Dana and Rose Lugering Quincy, Illinois
Douglas and Pamela Goudschaal Clayton, Illinois
Viola and Grover Gamm Ewing, Missouri
Loretta Feldkamp Maywood, Missouri
Earl Boone Plainville, Illinois
Carl and Patsy Banks Hannibal, Missouri
Gretchen Hollender Quincy, Illinois
George and Sandy Smith Barry, Illinois
Cheryl Riney Quincy, Illinois
Ted and Sandy Morrison Quincy, Illinois
Joseph and Diane Ary Quincy, Illinois
Crayton and Jan Achlpohl Quincy, Illinois
Gerald and Nancy Schaller Quincy, Illinois
Salisbury Ag Center Salisbury, Missouri
Kent and Victoria McClain Quincy, Illinois
Craig and Joan Kroeter Quincy, Illinois
Claire Wehrmann and Judy Bailey Labelle, Missouri
Larry and Mary McConnell Lewistown, Missouri  
Donald and Marilyn Miller Knox City, Missouri 
Paul and Susan Maple Payson, Illinois
Patrick and Barbara Logsdon La Grange, Missouri
Kevin and Debbie Grootens Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Jan Deweese Liberty, Illinois
Daniel and Sharon Terwelp Liberty, Illinois
Linda McCulla Quincy, Illinois
Grace Carriker San Antonio, Texas
Tom and Cathy Kluesner Marthasville, MO
Larry and Sharon McKinney Newark, Missouri
Dorothy Lane Hickory, North Carolina
Mike and Marcia Tuley - Tuley Farms Lewistown, Missouri  
Vaughn and Kathy Flesner Payson, Illinois
Jim and Pat Mullenix Lewistown, Missouri  
John and Debra O'Brien Ewing, Missouri
Robin McClean Quincy, Illinois
Benita Boone Pittsfield, Illinois
Linda Wilson Monroe City, Missouri
Gary and Karla Clayton Versailles, Illinois
Aubrey and Tamara Grove Geneseo, Illinois
Prairieland FS, Inc. Jacksonville, Illinois
ADM Alliance Nutrition Quincy, Illinois
Martha Witham Perry, Illinois
Julie Kindhart Quincy, Illinois
Brad and Lisa Drilke Quincy, Illinois
Joye Anderson Quincy, Illinois
Terry McAllister Quincy, Illinois
Jerry and Judy McElhoe Quincy, Illinois
Bob and Janice Mitchell Payson, Illinois
Warren and Patty Mitchell Quincy, Illinois
Loren and Elaine Simon Liberty, Illinois
Kaltenbach Family Quincy, Illinois
Dawn Alewel Quincy, Illinois
Russell and Cynthia Cook Mendon, Illinois
Alan and Laurie Duesterhaus Ursa, Illinois
M/M Richard Fenton Quincy, Illinois
Joe and Cathy Hollensteiner Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Kathy Klauser Quincy, Illinois
Ron and Joyce Mast Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Barb Merritt Quincy, Illinois
Kim Renard Quincy, Illinois
Thelma Stark and Karen Snow Quincy, Illinois
Johnnie and Maxine Owens Barry, Illinois
M/M Roger Schoenekase Quincy, Illinois
Janet Brown Quincy, Illinois
Margaret Maas Liberty, Illinois
Margaret Maas Liberty, Illinois
Jane and Matthew R. Jibben Coatsburg, Illinois
M/M Les Robertson Hannibal, Missouri
M/M Harold Browning Quincy, Illinois
Marilyn Speckhart and Family Quincy, Illinois
James and Judith Goodwin Quincy, Illinois
Charles and Carla Ledbetter Quincy, Illinois
Bill and Jean Lantz Liberty, Illinois
Edward Gerard and Shirley Hayes Ursa, Illinois
Garen and Angela Henderson Liberty, Illinois
James E. Kindhart Clayton, Illinois
Mark and Lori Morrison Liberty, Illinois
First National Bank of Barry Liberty, Illinois
Chris and Sheryl Miller Perry, Illinois
Edna Smith Quincy, Illinois
Randy E. Elhoe Quincy, Illinois
Jim and Andrea James & Victoria Vogel Fowler, Illinois
Inez Bailey - Kevin, Connie Guthrie and Family Quincy, Illinois
William and Mavis Lantz Liberty, Illinois
Steven and Janet Pratt Marietta, Georgia
Kay Latta Hannibal, Missouri
Ray and Betsy Kurz New London, Missouri
Paul and Kathleen Herrington New London, Missouri
Earl R. Hayden Pittsfield, Illinois
Michael and Stephanie Overstreet Hannibal, Missouri
Glenn and Shirley Cornelius Hannibal, Missouri
Wayne and Jackie Drebes Fowler, Illinois
David Lawson Hull, Illinois
Amy Rodriguez Austin, Texas
Terry Taylor/Charley Gilmore/Danny Hinds/Larry Roach Hannibal, Missouri
Daniel Voorhis Macomb, Illinois
Gerald and Nancy Schaller Quincy, Illinois
Jeff and Theresa Spear Quincy, Illinois
Kent and Angela Lepper Quincy, Illinois
Billie Browning Quincy, Illinois
Charlotte Maddox Quincy, Illinois
Frank Webb Rapid City, SD
Bruce Zumwalt Griggsville, IL
Richard and Valla Dieterle Camp Point, Illinois
Joyce Bennett LaHarpe, IL
Marine Bank and Trust Augusta, Illinois
Sharon Wear Quincy, Illinois
Freddie and Norma Janssen Coatsburg, Illinois
Gary and Mary Evans Camp Point, Illinois
Becky Phillips Quincy, Illinois
Lisa and Jayde McGraw and Jason Rose Payson, Illinois
David Bradley Palmyra, Missouri
David Lawson Hull, Illinois
Eugene K. Hutter Quincy, Illinois
Pamela Fox Canton, Missouri
Billie Browning Quincy, Illinois
Dorothy Crank Anoka, MN
Patricia Fischer Quincy, Illinois
Dawnie Jo Lovelace Palmyra, Missouri
Ken Meyer Payson, Illinois
Payson-Fall Creek Volunteer Fire Dept Payson, Illinois
Mary Ann Speckhart Liberty, Illinois
Kenneth and Nancy Speckhart Liberty, Illinois
Margaret Seeley Quincy, Illinois
Larry Joe Keim Barry, Illinois
Richard and Teddy Moyer Plainville, Illinois
Ginny Kroeter Quincy, Illinois
Carolyn Bruemmer Quincy, Illinois
Mary Lou Schoch Quincy, Illinois
Donald and Carolyn Elliott Liberty, Illinois
Philip and Carol Hildebrand Mendon, Illinois
Judy Miller Plainville, Illinois
Bob and Shirley Scott Quincy, Illinois
Katie and Dale Willis Quincy, Illinois
Greg Schutte Palmyra, Missouri
Jerry and Pam Totsch Liberty, Illinois
Roland and Kathy McBride Pleasant Hill, IL
Joyce and Thomas Losch Quincy, Illinois
Doug and Jan Jenkins Liberty, Illinois
Fred and Carolyn Lauder Quincy, Illinois
Trudy and Tammy Brown Quincy, Illinois
Mike and Shirley Hayden Mendon, Illinois
Joe and Penny Holtschlag Liberty, Illinois
Linda Schmudlach Carthage, Illinois
Patricia Reinebach New London, Missouri
Rick and Kris Barry Liberty, Illinois
Greg and Bonita Doellman Quincy, Illinois
Bill and Nancy Goellner Palmyra, Missouri
Mark and karen Funkenbusch Palmyra, Missouri
Bonnie Leffers Quincy, Illinois
Martha Fesler Quincy, Illinois
Sonya and Paul Lenz Quincy, Illinois
Radelle  and Timothy Meyer Ursa, Illinois
Allyn and Trevor Hull Liberty, Illinois
Wayne and Jackie Drebes Fowler, Illinois
John and Vivian Dickerman Mendon, Illinois
Robert and Cynthia Hollingshead Maryville, Illinois
Carolyn Riley Taylor, Missouri
Ronald and Therese Epping Quincy, Illinois
Dave and Judy Huber Liberty, Illinois
Richard and Lori Rossmiller Liberty, Illinois
G.W. and Rose Behrens Quincy, Illinois
Rebecca Phillips Pittsfield, Illinois
Davide Soncek and Carolyn Redenius Quincy, Illinois
David and Rebecca Rubison Barry, Illinois
Brandon and Beverly Fleer Liberty, Illinois
William and Darlene Wietholder Mendon, Illinois
Mark and Tina Lovelace/Kaye and Ernie Winchell Palmyra, Missouri
Glenn and Martha Griesbaum Palmyra, Missouri
Clemens and Janelle Koch Palmyra, Missouri
M/M Jim Clark and others Philadelphia, Missouri
Billie Browning Quincy, Illinois
A. Rebecca Clark New Canton, Illinois
Bethany Wiemann Kahoka, Missouri
Katherine Vermillion Keokuk, Iowa
Shhirley Distlehorst Springfield, Illinois
Prairieland FS, Inc. Jacksonville, Illinois
Kinda Smith Rockwall, Texas
Teresa J. Weiman Quincy, Illinois
Richard Rea Carthage, Illinois
Emma VanAusdall Quincy, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lumb Centralia, Missouri
Donald Elliott Liberty, Illinois
Alberta Kirby Bowen, Illinois
David Dietrich Quincy, Illinois
Bob and Norma Perry Payson, Illinois
Mr and Mrs Steve Willing New London, Missouri
Daniel and Sharon Lundberg Hull, Illinois
Larry and Shelley Carroll Pleasant Hill, IL
Eugene and Anne Willimann Quincy, Illinois
M/M Marvin Yager Vandalia, Missouri
M/M Jeff Leake Perry, Missouri
M/M Calvin Brown Perry, Missouri
M/M Tom Craig New Hartford, Missouri
Ralph and Mary Fairchild Quincy, Illinois
David Linnenburger Canton, Missouri
Marla and Don Lair Payson, Illinois
Kirk and Sherry Rueb Hull, Illinois
Jerry Zanger Plainville, Illinois
Jana and Terry Priepot Quincy, Illinois
JC and Pat Redman Payson, Illinois
Ronnie Kelly and Louise Simpson New London, Missouri
Elmo Shaw Louisiana, Missouri
Frankford Farm Supply, Inc. Frankford, Missouri
Layne Colgrove Hull, Illinois
Frank and Diane Baumgartner Plainville, Illinois
James Reed Hull, Illinois
Linda Daniel Hull, Illinois
William and Kristine Lindberg Hull, Illinois
Michael and Kelly Lundberg Hull, Illinois
David Schaffer Quincy, Illinois
Brent-Darren-Anna-Judy Chapman Plainville, Illinois
George Keller Quincy, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Raney New London, Missouri
Robert and Jacqueline Hargrove Sedona, Arizona
Mr. and Mrs. John Scherder Frankford, Missouri
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Haney Kearney, Missouri
Don and Darlene Schaffer/Judy Evans and Fam. Payson, Illinois
Bob Keonig Quincy, Illinois
Ronna and Randy Reddick Lewistown, Missouri  
Hal and Mary Jane Koenig Quincy, Illinois
Jay and Karla Newman Quincy, Illinois
Carol Sue Dettmer Quincy, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jackson Frankford, Missouri 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lynn Vandalia, Missouri
Mr. and Mrs. Don Shaw Jefferson City, Missouri
Leeser TX, Inc. Palmyra, Missouri
Daniel and Mary Cole Plainville, Illinois
Gail and Jennifer and Stephanie Oitker Quincy, Illinois
Shy Island Levee Drainage District New Canton, Illinois
Thomas and Judy Schutte Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Leona Loos Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Geneal Ecker Plymouth, Indiana
Kenneth and Norma Surratt Payson, Illinois
Peggy Frankenhoff Fowler, Illinois
Debbi Potts Ursa, Illinois
Gilbert and Charlotte McGlaughlin Quincy, Illinois
Ron and Wilma Wear Taylor, Missouri
Barbara Clarkson Pittsfield, Illinois
Glennon and Shelly Bichsel Stoutsville, Missouri
Derl Ray and Ruth Ann Bowman LaGrange, Missouri
Elaine Gorrell Canton, Missouri
Alice Solter LaGrange, Missouri
Margaret Whihte Palmyra, Missouri
Sharon Stoneking Blandinsville, Illinois
Duska Shaw - Pittsfield Class of L950 Pittsfield, Illinois
Donald Middendorf Jacksonville, Illinois
Elizabeth Albright and Nancy Houska Quincy, Illinois
Natalie Keirn Quincy, Illinois
James and Joyce Schrand Quincy, Illinois
John and Karen Jones Quincy, Illinois
Jacqueline Kaelke Quincy, Illinois
Robert and Janice Ewalt Quincy, Illinois
Theodore and Sandra Morrison Quincy, Illinois
Verne and Betty Bronestine Quincy, Illinois
Wanda Salsman Quincy, Illinois
Kent and Patty Spindler LaGrange, Missouri
Joseph and Carol Tanner LaGrange, Missouri
W.L. and Betty Taylor Quincy, Illinois
F. Jack White, Sr. LaGrange, Missouri
Arthur and Betty Nergenah Chapin, Illinois
Orlando and Julie Mertz Palmyra, Missouri
Marajean and Homer Seltenright Plymouth, Indiana
Charlotte Flanagan Canton, Missouri
David Allen Quincy, Illinois
Middendorf Bros/Richard and Sharon Garland Jacksonville, Illinois
Joe and Janet Conover Quincy, Illinois
Ralph and Laurie Vandenboom Quincy, Illinois
Duwayne and Diane Stratman Fenton, Michigan
Linda and Stephen Baker Maywood, Missouri
Diana and Franklin Beaston Quincy, Illinois
Charles and Linda Begley Palmyra, Missouri
James and Lucinda Hansen Frankford, Missouri
Peggy Steinbeck LaGrange, Missouri
Richard Horner Canton, Missouri
David Mason (Griffith) Macon, Missouri
Roger and Rita Brod Quincy, Illinois
Dwain Preston Quincy, Illinois
Harold, Dorothy and Karen Zopf Quincy, Illinois
Randy and Vicky Newswender Quincy, Illinois
Billie Browning Quincy, Illinois
Terry and Bonnie Kistner Quincy, Illinois
James and Phyllis Cates Warsaw, Illinois
Wayne and Ella Tittsworth Pittsfield, Illinois
Roger and Diane Flesner Golden, Illinois
Glen "Nick" and Ruth Ann Kinman LaPrairie, Illinois  
Jim and Julianne Entrup Quincy, Illinois
Jeanette Rupp Hannibal, Missouri
George and Donna Devers Quincy, Illinois
Mr and Mrs Robert Gleckler Barry, Illinois
Sharon Kendall Quincy, Illinois
Aaron and Donna Goodwin Quincy, Illinois
Elura Martin Carthage, Illinois
Mary Fischer Quincy, Illinois
Roger and Karen Schaefer Quincy, Illinois
Vickie Scranton Pleasant Hill, IL
Phyllis Melton McCartney Quincy, Illinois
Mr and Mrs Charles Dueskieker and Peggy Fowler, IL
Leroy and Fran Fischer Quincy, Illinois
Karen Blair Quincy, Illinois
Joan Curtis Quincy, Illinois
Renita Mohr Quincy, Illinois
Susan Ende Quincy, Illinois
Peggy Kaiser Quincy, Illinois
Carol Brown Quincy, Illinois
Fritzi and Bob Wood West Point, Illinois
Michael and Julie Reiter Quincy, Illinois
Billie Browning Quincy, Illinois
Rich and Stephanie Demien Quincy, Illinois
Bob and Diane Breckenkamp Quincy, Illinois
Tony and Sheila Hermesmeyer Quincy, Illinois
Harold and Marilyn Shrader Quincy, Illinois
Cindy Peters Quincy, Illinois
Marilyn Parker Quincy, Illinois
Eleanor Dennis Quincy, Illinois
Marilyn Losch Quincy, Illinois
Myrl and Ruth Bowen Shireman Quincy, Illinois
William and Sandra Fessler Quincy, Illinois
Verne Hagstrom Quincy, Illinois
Pearly Leenerts and Iris Trantham Golden, Illinois
Steve and Sarah Brinkmeyer Bartlett, TN
Philips Gaudy St. Louis, Missouri
Gretchen Hollender Quincy, Illinois
Michael and Christine Logan Quincy, Illinois
Orville and Jean Owsley Quincy, Illinois
Dolan and Mary Ann Daggs Ewing, Missouri
Russell Hendselman La Grange, Missouri
Mr and Mrs. Mike Lowe La Grange, Missouri
Janice Prather La Grange, Missouri
Marilyn Boone Plainville, Illinois
Gilbert and Charlotte McGlaughlin Quincy, Illinois
Peggy and Gene Kramer Fowler, 
William and Susan Lubbert Quincy, Illinois
Betty Nichols Quincy, Illinois
Penny Smith Galesburg, Illinois
Gary Beckman Quincy, Illinois
Loxi Barr Canton, Missouri
Kim Ray Beecher City, Illinois
Mark and Kathy Hoener Quincy, Illinois
Harold Browning Quincy, Illinois
Kevin Coulter Mendon, Illinois
In Memory of Delbert Lane Mission #26 8/2014
Paula Esposito Columbia, Tennessee
Ilena Aslin Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Corinne Agnew Quincy, Illinois
Brenda Sawyer Mount Carmel, Illinois
Lewis and Clark Community College Godfrey, Illinois
Leo and Kathy Dietrich Quincy, Illinois
Jeffrey and Kathy Schisler Quincy, Illinois
Debbie Vandemark Macomb, Illinois
Printy Funeral Homes Carthage, Illinois
Reed Promotional Media Quincy, Illinois
Vaughn Harshman Ursa, Illinois
Tom and Judi Schutte Quincy, Illinois
Juanita Maple Payson, Illinois
Tom and Judi Schutte Quincy, Illinois
Debra Davis Kinderhook, Illinois 
Phyllis Smith Ursa, Illinois
Bob and Rose Bunte and Family Payson, Illinois
Candace Weeks Augusta, Illinois
Charles Blackorby Barry, Illinois
Patricia Dunker Hull, Illinois
James Reed Hull, Illinois
Marla Wheelan Kinderhook, Illinois 
Robert Blessing La Grange, Missouri
Peggy and Margie Maas Liberty, Illinois
Margaret Maas Liberty, Illinois
Karon Buckert Hamilton, Illinois
Theresa, Jacob and Joanna Shipe Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Lynn Sparks Payson, Illinois
John and Ellen Stice Quincy, Illinois
Debbie and Keith Fleer Quincy, Illinois
Daniel and Sharon Terwelp Liberty, Illinois
Stephanie, Gail and Jennifer Oitker Quincy, Illinois
Dan and Nancy Bastert Loraine, Illinois
R. Mark and Cindy Allen Pittsfield, Illinois
Mike and June Dingerson Payson, Illinois
Vaughn Harshman Ursa, Illinois
Rebecca Smith Carthage, Illinois
Brad and Diane Schardon Carthage, Illinois
Mildred Graham Carthage, Illinois
Lillian Hoover Huntsville, illinois
Arthur and Grace Duncan Kinderhook, Illinois 
Robert Kain Iowa Falls, Iowa
Janet Coultas Hull, Illinois
Joe and Doris Schieferdecker Payson, Illinois
Joyce Trimpe Quincy, Illinois
Scott and Susan Wray Ursa, Illinois
Loren and Nancy Lummer Quincy, Illinois
Greta and Jered Frankel Quincy, Illinois
Charles Smithers Pittsfield, Illinois
Doug, Brace and Sharon Spencer Quincy, Illinois
David and Amy Zanger Mendon, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Schoenekase Quincy, Illinois
James and Karla Duesterhaus Quincy, Illinois
Shirly Main Family New Canton, Illinois
David Ohnemus Quincy, Illinois
Harold and Patricia Ellerbrock Quincy, Illinois
David Dedert and Family Quincy, Illinois
Michael and Jami Bayes Belvidere, Illinois
Jim or Maxine Smart Carthage, Illinois
John and Mary Ruth Phillips Plymouth, Illinois
Richard and Linda King Huntsville, illinois
Scott and Jennifer Venvertloh Quincy, Illinois
St. Louis Hills Chapter St. Louis, Missouri
Lisa Dingerson Payson, Illinois
Jim and Sandy Little Carthage, Illinois
Mel and Sharon Loos Payson, Illinois
Joan Dietrich Payson, Illinois
Dale and Dorothy Mixer Payson, Illinois
Dean Sims Quincy, Illinois
Michele and Tom Flaiz Quincy, Illinois
Erma Swank Carthage, Illinois
Norman and Ruth Schmelzle Quincy, Illinois
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