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Former Hannibal principal's request for a public defender denied

Joshua "JD" Foust Joshua "JD" Foust
HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) - The former Hannibal elementary principal arrested on heroin-related drug charges was given time Friday morning to find a lawyer after his request for a public defender was denied.

Joshua "JD" Foust made his first court appearance by video conference at the Marion County Courthouse, in Hannibal. Public Defender Jennifer Richardson said his request was denied because of his reported income. 

A letter from the defender's office to Foust stated he could have a hearing if he disagreed with the determination and a judge would review the findings and re-determine his eligibility.

Associate Judge John Jackson asked Foust if he could afford to hire an attorney. Foust said he could, but asked how he could access his funds. He said he wanted to keep money in a joint account with his wife for his kids. 

Foust is facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Authorities say they found over 12 grams of raw heroin in Foust's suit pocket located in his home.

His case was continued to Feb. 27.

Two other men arrested in connection with the same investigation also appeared in court Friday morning by video conference. JD Foust's brother, Samuel, and Ryan Thompson were both scheduled to be arraigned, but it was continued to Feb. 27. 

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