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College tuition hikes force students to find ways to help pay


As fewer parents find themselves able to save enough money to fully pay for their children's college, educators are urging parents to look at alternative funding options.

The cost of college keeps going up, but Quincy Notre Dame High School seniors, Jordan Obert and Jordan Altmix, have found ways to combat rising tuition rates.

"When I was picking, I had to make sure what college tuition was of each college so I know how much I'll be paying for and also what types of scholarships they'll offer me," said QND senior Jordan Obert. "Also I've been looking into applying for many scholarships, so the college tuition isn't as much as what it would be."

"That's going to hopefully be my main source of getting through school, is just getting all the scholarships that I can and then working to pay off my student loans after that," said QND senior Jordan Altmix.

QND guidance counselor Judy Liesen promotes alternatives to taking out student loans.

"There's lots of different scholarship opportunities out there," said Liesen. "I'd say apply for everything you can because it's worth the extra essay, 15, 20 minutes to fill out an application. It could be 5,000, 1,000, it could be only 500 but every little bit helps."

Students know paying loans will be stressful, but are hopeful it will all be worth it in the end.

"I'm looking forward to improving my education and finding a great career afterwards, so I'll be able to pay off all the money I have left over from going to college," said Obert. 

Liesen suggests, in addition to scholarships, applying for work study, paying as you go and taking out as little in students loans as possible to help pay for school.

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