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Court documents detail motion to move Lovelace trial

Curtis Lovelace Curtis Lovelace
Cory Lovelace Cory Lovelace
QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - The attorneys for Curtis Lovelace cite media coverage in motion filed in Adams County Circuit Court asking for a change in venue with the Adams County Circuit Court.

Attorneys James Elmore and Jeff Page filed the motion Monday, which asks that the jury trial scheduled for Sept. 21 be moved to a different location.

Lovelace was arrested on August 27, 2014 on charges of first degree murder. Lovelace is accused of allegedly suffocating his wife, Cory Lovelace, to death on February 14, 2006.

Since arrest, Lovelace has resided in the Hancock County Jail and entered a formal plea of not guilty on September 23.

Lovelace's lawyers filed for the motion to change venues due to Lovelace being a prominent figure within the Adams County community and media.

Lovelace was born and raised in Quincy and was a public figure within the community for many years, especially after becoming a part-time assistant state's attorney for Adams County and president of the Quincy School Board.

His attorney's state in the motion that when Lovelace was arrested and charged with murder, "he was a well-known public figure as a decorated athlete, local attorney, assistant state's attorney, school board member, and college instructor. Much of the Quincy and Adams County public already held opinions about the Defendant before he was charged with the murder of his wife."

The attorneys consider the attention the case has drawn to be significant and pervasive in light of Lovelace already being a prominent figure. The case has been reported upon extensively across media both locally and nationally.

The attorneys say the media and online coverage of this case has been extensive and includes, mostly negative, public comments. The motion says that public commenters appear skeptical and worry about Lovelace receiving special treatment.

The motion also states that publicity has been generated through law enforcement officials and that their words may sway public opinions. Specifically, there was concern stated over facts being emphasized or left out when officials make public comments. This runs the risk of altering potential witness and jury opinions before the trial even begins.

"The impact of those statements is to further taint potential local jurors by peaking the public's interests, generating publicity and misleading the public about the strength of the prosecution's case," stated the motion.

The motion claimed officials also released certain pre-trial information and documents to the public that have potential to sway opinions.

The motion went on to state that "all have helped to impact negatively the possibility of seating a jury locally in this matter by drawing attention to the case, inviting comments and forming opinions."

The lawyers state in the motion that the prosecutor has argued that the trial should not be changed until a jury has been picked. The lawyers say they agree that the jury is really what matters, but ask what potential risks and costs would occur with a local jury. Plus, several witnesses are meant to be called in from across the country. Raise issues of transportation and timing.

Additionally, several witnesses are meant to be called in from across the country. Having the trial locally or waiting to determine the jury could raise issues of transportation and costs.

"Moving the trial out of Adams County would solve all expert witness travel concerns," the motion states. "Schedules could be much more easily identified and set. The risk of wasting money on thwarted travel expenses would be eliminated."

The motion concludes that Lovelace prays the court enter an order changing the place of trial to a location outside of the Adams County area for all of the reasons mentioned.

A decision in regards to the motion has not yet been made.

All motions for the case had to be filed by June 1.

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