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Quincy assesses, starts cleanup after storm

A power line was down across street at corner of 20th and Spring. A power line was down across street at corner of 20th and Spring.

Quincy residents wasted no time assessing their homes and their businesses after Monday night's storm.

 At Greek to Me, bricks make up the top of the building. Now, the storm damage caused parts of the roof to collapse.  And around town, people are assessing damage, and starting a long cleanup process.

Blackstone Building employee Connie Johnson was just coming in to finish up some work.

"And it just blew out," Johnson said. "I knew it was a tornado. More like straight-line winds. I've never seen anything like it. I didn't have any time to go anywhere. I just kind of hunkered down and waited for it to pass."

Across town, Janet Nutt didn't hear a tree hit her property that she rents out at the corner of 18th and Spring. But she couldn't miss it in the aftermath. 

"And we were just moving a tenant in on the main floor," Nutt said. "Heard the sirens go off. So we hit the basement. And we came out to this," Nutt said, gesturing to the tree leaning on her porch. 

Nutt said her husband had informed the City of Quincy two months ago about needing the tree removed. 

"He had called the city and said he thought that tree needed to be taken down, and they said they would check into it," Nutt said. "So, it's done." 

Cleanup began along Spring Street. The corner along 20th and Spring closed due to a downed power line. Downed trees lining the street. Nutt says Tuesday's cleanup will be as busy as Monday night's.

"But if you know my husband and my son, they'll be here tomorrow," Nutt said. "And it will probably be done." 

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