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Weakened trees could fall if more storms come

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Emergency officials are concerned trees and branches that aren't already on the ground could come down if more storms come.

Adams County Emergency Management Director John Simon says residents and workers need to be careful when out clearing debris because several branches and limbs are broken, but haven't fallen yet. He says it won't take much for them to fall.

"There's a lot of debris," Simon said. "There's a lot of branches that are loose. They are hanging in trees. They're what we call widow-makers. We get a little bit of a wind and a little bit of a storm come through, we could see a lot more debris come down. It may not be new debris, but it may be debris that's already hung up."

There are also concerns over rain in the forecast since many roofs have been blown off or have holes in them from tree damage and some of the ones that don't have lost shingles.

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