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Restaurants work to reopen after loss of power

Mi Jalapeno workers prep to reopen after the power returns. Mi Jalapeno workers prep to reopen after the power returns.

Many Quincy restaurants reopened Wednesday once the power was turned on, including Mi Jalapeno.  But several lost money because of the storm.

"I think it was a bunch of money," Mi Jalapeno Manager Jenny Benavidez said. "Just literally, like seafood, that's expensive. We threw out all of that, like the meats, anything that was expensive we threw it out."

Benavidez and her crew prepped for dinner all day Wednesday. She says the last couple days have been hard because of the loss of money and business. She says her workers really felt the brunt of the storm.

"They work a double, so they eat here," Benavidez said. "Without them having power or us having power, they were out of food too."

The same situation was going on at Tower Pizza and Mexican, workers were prepping after being closed since Monday night. Manager Myrtle Weisenburger says KOHL Wholesale donated some freezers which really saved their food supply.

"We would have lost all of it," Weisenburger said. "We would have tried to put it in everyone's houses who had power to put it in but our employees did not have power themselves."

Weisenburger says the storm could not have hit at a worse time. 

"It hit on our two busiest nights," Weisenburger said. "I mean Monday and Tuesday our half priced pizza night so we're busy from four o'clock until close. We lost thousands and thousands."

Officials from the Adams County Health Department say they consulted with restaurant owners to make sure they were handling food safely and throwing away anything that needed to be tossed.

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