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Homeowners clean up with help

A portion of the tree that fell on Eston's home. Neighbors expect it will take days to remove it. A portion of the tree that fell on Eston's home. Neighbors expect it will take days to remove it.

Two days into the cleanup, people in Quincy are still working to get power back into their homes and cleaning up damage from trees and branches. For Quincy's residents, that cleanup can come with doubt. It also brings out the best in some. 

July 13 was not the best birthday for Katrina Eston. 

"And I was shocked. I was out and away. And I'm going, "Oh, OK, the wind's blowing. What can you do?" Eston said.

She came home to find this tree on top of her house. Eston points out how the powerful fall punctured her son's bedroom ceiling. That hole lets water in through the roof. She's not looking forward to any upcoming rain. But she is looking forward to help from neighbors, like Cecil Weathers. 

"Well, it's the right thing to do, you know. If we help one another, we can accomplish more. And then it's just a good feeling you get," Cecil said.

Even with help, there are still questions. Though she has talked to her insurance provider, Eston can't estimate the price of the storm damage just yet. With power lines taken down by the tree, she still doesn't have power. She didn't know when that power would come back on. And she's being careful of that tree.

"I'm not touching the tree because it might have wires in it. So I left the tree there until they know what I have to do with it," Eston said.

Across town, other Quincy residents also struggle without power. Michael Morrell has been helping his family clean up after the storm. And no electricity? That can be serious for some.

"We've got three elderly people. Unfortunately, one of them is on oxygen. So, the paramedics and everything, going in and out. It's been a little bit of a struggle for them," Morrell said.


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